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This is one of the best essays I've read recently, especially in the wake of yet another mass shooting.  It's based on a lightning talk from one of the Friends of O'Reilly meetings.

For all of  us: What would it look like, and how might our societies be different,  if technology were better aligned to society’s interests?
At  the most general level, we are all members of a society, embedded in  existing governing structures. It certainly feels like in the recent  past, those governing structures are coming under increasing strain, and  part of the blame is being laid at the feet of technology.One  of the most important things we can do collectively is to produce  clarity and prioritization where we can. Only by being clearer and more  intentional about the kind of society we want and accepting what that  means, can our societies and their institutions provide guidance and  leadership to technology.
These  are questions that cannot and should not be left to technologists  alone. Advances in technology mean that encryption is a societal issue.  Content moderation and censorship are a societal issue. Ultimately, it  should be for governments (of the people, by the people) to set  expectations and standards at the societal level, not organizations  accountable only to a board of directors and shareholders.
But to do this, our governing institutions will need to evolve and improve.

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The aside on the Usborne Book of the Future got me to thinking about 1969's Stand on Zanzibar, in which John Brunner coined the ugly-sounding term mucker, as in "someone who is running amok."  The book is prescient in many other ways, and well worth a read.  It would make a fantastic TV series, if anyone (human or algorithm) at Netflix happens to be scanning this.



Human or algorithm, haha. Nice post, I’ll have to check Stand in Zanzibar out.

I saw the news of the mass shooting last night. Sad. Just crazy this happens so much. Need to focus more on mental health in this country. More needs to be done to prevent this.

Thanks for sharing.

One of the best Medium articles I've read in a while.. we do need to rethink our 'gods'.

"By gods, I mean the laws, thinking, aphorisms and habits that we as technologists assume to be true and that appear to guide development of technology."

Fire gave us technology which catapulted us into the techno-state. It's up to us to decide which road we take.

Yeah, I just did a book club tonight on futurist trends for NC's economy in 2050, which were all essentially, "Whatever's happening now? More of that." Totally linear thinking, as though inertia is the only relevant factor. What about societal choice? What about Black Swan events that force us to re-evaluate those choices? The sequel to Stand on Zanzibar is called The Sheep Look Up.
I haven't read that one yet.

informative post....upvoted and followed

Good post..Thank you for the information

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