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RE: Will The Concept of Jobs Be Obsolete In The Future?

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Of course it would. Self-sustaining communities are our only solution. System where money is on first place produces what we call job or profession. That woudn't exist in that way like today in self-sustaining community.


Self-sustaining communities are our only solution

And when two children are born at the sametime, and the "Self Sustaining community" can only support one more mouth to feed, who dies? I have seen too many Sci-Fi movies of "Utopia" to know it is only Utopia for the few, same with self sustaining communities.

Yes, obviously you saw to many propaganda movies that tell bullshit story that we can't live in peace and prosperety. Truth is opposite. Your imagination of self sustaining communities is distorted.

Your imagination of self sustaining communities is distorted.

I guess it depends on a person's view of self sustaining community.
My view/definition of: sustaining community:
They need nothing from outside of their community. They make, build, grow, and produce everything they need in order to survive.

I just do not see that ever happening. We do not need self serving self sustained communities. What we need is a self sustaining planet.

I totally agree with you. Meaning of phrase 'Self sustaining' is different for everyone of course. What I mean by that is in beggining at least few communities that are close to self-sustaining. Then they can trade food or whatever. More of those communities, the more we gonna be free. In the end self sustaining planet.

Yeah, self-sustaining communities world wide seems like a viable direction humanity can go.

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