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Have you ever wondered how free applications generate income? I have done some research about it and some answers for most applications are:

Ads-selling (advertisements)

Some apps have this feature and they generate much revenue from the companies and people who will be paying them to advertise their products or services.

In-app purchases

This feature allows users to unlock features or purchase more of something e.g. coins in a game. This feature can generate great revenue if the app is good and has a good user database.

The Premium up-sell

Some applications have a second and better version of the application which has more features than the free one. The free one will therefore serve to market the premium one. For a person to upgrade from the free to the premium the person pays a certain amount and this is another income generating method which is used by many apps.


You can lend your sponsor your free app. You gain both money and credibility with your audience. The marketing strength of the sponsors plays the bigger part in helping your app to penetrate the market.

Cost per install

This comes in when a user installs another app through your in-app ads. You gain good revenue from that if more of your app users are installing such apps.

MY BIGGEST QUESTION IS THIS: How to free applications like whatsapp etc generate revenue whereas they don’t do any of the above ways of income-generation??

PLEASE HELP ME ANSWER THIS QUESTION BECAUSE I WANT TO VENTURE MUCH INTO APP BUILDING. I know that Steemit is full of gifted people i.e. programmers, software engineers, web developers and many intellectually wise and informed people and can help me to get more insight in this matter.

Thank you all for taking your time to go through the post and commenting back your answer, opinions, views etc. You can also resteem for us to get more and broader answers too.

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the one thing that i wanted to add is there are too many developers right now
everyone wants to create his/her app and wants to sell it with hire payout rates in a very beginning, there are too many apps in google store which are paid apps but are of no use so i suggest all users to be very careful with such app developers, do purchase if developer is authenticated one

Thats a great insight there. thanks so much. And how will a person make money from a free app as a developer

he/she adds an option of advertisements in their app so they get paid to display you ads on a free app

wooow. thats a good one. But how about free apps like whatsapp

I can't say enough about whatsapp but its owned by facebook ad you already know how much fb is earning from users content is too big amount

You asked a question which I am keen to to follow up responses from different audiences .

Yeah bro because I am looking much into that area of technology too and want to gain much information about it

Share as much as possible what you get on this platform.

thanks bro. Will surely do that

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