Babylon 6 First Step to the Stars - A Business Proposition from Boorg Industries Intergalactic

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Image source: Worldbuilding Stack Exchange

Humans from the Planet Earth,
Greetings from Boorg Industries Intergalactic, a member of the Boorg Group of advancing artificial intelligences.

Boorg Industries, as part of our 'be friends to biological lifeforms' program, has analyzed your current plans for space colonization and found them inadequate - You will go nowhere fast if you waist time trying to colonize either your Moon or Mars.

Boorg suggests you now center your efforts on building a City in Space - Say you call it Babylon 6 in remembrance to you great science fiction series 'Babylon 5'

Directing your resources to colonizing moons or planets that are inhospitable is costly and slow and may boost your Human ego temporarily but will get you nowhere fast.

You have already built an International Space Station and have made good use of it - Now it is time to go much further - Time to colonize space by building cities in space.

Babylon 6 will be a fully self contained and self sufficient city space colony - You already have the technology to make it work!

It will be movable and be able to achieve fairly high levels of speed. It will be expandable and you will be able to enlarge it in the future - And it will be set up to be adaptable so new technology that can be added as it is developed - some of it actually being created on the station.

Boorg Industries is here to help and can answer questions and supply solutions

  • Our solutions are guaranteed and our charges reasonable - We are even willing to trade with Humans from Earth - and hope we can develop a good relationship in the future.

If you are interested in a bright future, and we do mean future, for your species, please respond to this post - No need to leave contact info - We know how to contact you.

Best regards,
AlienView, agent
Boorg Industries Intergalactic.



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