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 Volante Vision Concept

We are getting closer to the test drives of the flying car concept we are used to seeing in movies every day.

The luxury car maker Aston Martin is preparing to enter this race in the skies.

Aston Martin, the luxury car maker, is preparing to enter the race in the skies. Developed under the name Volante Vision Concept concept aircraft aim to bring luxurious individual transport to the sky. According to the company, the i ibid-electric vehicle will be designed for intra-city and inter-city travel with vertical launch and landing capabilities.

Automobile concept will be produced jointly with Cranfield University, Cranfield Aviation Solutions and Rolls-Royce With the Volante Vision Concept, Aston Martin wants to face the user with an alternative solution to intense traffic caused by population growth in urban areas. Company CEO Dr. "As the population in urban areas continues to grow, congestion in towns and cities will become increasingly difficult. We need to look at alternative solutions to reduce impasse, reduce pollution and improve mobility. Air travel will play a crucial role in the future of transportation, the Volante Vision Concept is the ultimate luxury mobility solution. "

A flying car with a capacity to transport three adults in a single pass is expected to be rolled out around mid-2020s. The concept of a flying car that is currently in the market research and analysis phase will be autonomous and will flow in the sky with hybrid electric energy.

The global urban population, which is 55% today, is expected to reach 68% by 2050. The United Nations (UN), which estimates that about 2.5 billion people will settle in cities, expects this increase to take place mostly in Asia and Africa with a rate close to 90%. Hybrid or electric cars are expected to solve the problem of traffic and air pollution for sustainable urban life.

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