How to utilize your Apple Tv

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How it functions

Apple TV doesn't download your photographs and recordings, it streams them from your iCloud. This implies before you get the chance to utilize Photos on Apple TV you should actuate photograph sharing on iCloud on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC, which implies empowering iCloud Photo Library, My Photo Stream or iCloud Photo Sharing on your gadgets.

You should then log your Apple TV into iCloud.

To sign into iCloud on Apple TV:

Open Settings>Accounts, select iCloud and select Sign in.

You'll have to enter your Apple ID, select Continue and enter your secret key to sign in.

Presently you're marked into your iCloud account you have three diverse picture sharing choices:

iCloud Photo Library

In the event that you utilize iCloud Photo Library on your gadgets you can stream all your photographs and recordings from the administration.

iCloud Photo Sharing

This is the choice to pick on the off chance that you just need to get to collections you've imparted to loved ones. It's additionally the choice to pick in the event that you need to get to collections imparted to you by your companions from iCloud.

My Photo Stream

This choice gives your Apple TV a chance to get to the last 1,000 photographs or recordings you've caught on your iPhone, iPad or transferred to your Mac. You can utilize this component in the meantime as iCloud Photo Sharing yet it isn't accessible with iCloud Photo Library.


On the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize iCloud you can likewise stream pictures to your Apple TV utilizing AirPlay. Simply select a picture, video or collection and flick up from the base of your iPhone or iPad show to get to AirPlay in Control Center, or utilize the AirPlay alternative on your Mac.

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