Workaround for a dynamic IP Adress.

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Sometimes even useful things can get in your way.

Now lately i was doing some testing with server applications, and since i wanted to access them from outside my local network i was faced with a little problem: I have a dynamic IP Address, meaning that each day my ISP assigns a different IP Address for my router. In fact many people do have a dynamic IP, since its safer and for most users it doesn't make a difference compared to a static one.

So i did some research and it seemed like my best option was to use a dynamic DNS service. They work similar to normal a DNS, meaning they basically assign a Domain to a IP Address, but with the difference that they will automatically update the IP Address should it change. Though it requires a computer in your network running a client that forwards your IP Address to the DNS Server. In my case it was running on my Raspberrypi alongside a Webserver.

I ended up using noip, since it was quite simple to use, it was free and their client worked well with the Raspberrypi. The downside is that noip reqieres you to verify the domain they provide you with every 30 days otherwise it will expire.
I just wanted to share what my solution was, but there are also a few alternatives to noip both paid and free. FreeDNS/Afraid and Click IP to name just a few.
I wouldn't use this for anything serious, since it doesn't seem like the safest method. I such cases i would consider using getting a static IP Address or renting a dedicated or virtual Server. Though i think its still okay for less relevant things like a small teamspeak or game server for you and some friends

Source for the image: (blickpixel)

Link to the mentioned services:


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