Have you tried Presearch yet?

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Check out Presearch, a new crypto project that is taking on (evil) Google with its next-generation search engine.

Join using the link below and earn 25 extra PRE tokens!




Very Interesting Project. Went ahead and signed up -- they have a nice intro process.

Yes, It's really a breeze to sign up and the search functionality is great.

What I dislike with Presearch, you need to provide all your personal information to join! Then, what the privacy when you make a search on the internet, personally I do not believe in it!

When signing up you only need to give your name/alias and gender... that's all

odd. i usually just wanna search something up,not sign up to search something up. doesn't really feel like a presearch.

It does provide the ability to quickly search multiple engines, though not at once.

It seems to want a chrome extension - I avoid chrome like the plague!

Just deny that pesky plugin ;-)
The Search engine works fine ...

Ta - I just gave it a try - but it seems exactly the same as my usual DuckDuckGo search?

Well you can earn some Crypto tokens along the way - they are worth 0.25c each - maybe more in the future

Is it about the quality of search result you're getting back or are you more about products that boost crypto adoption? Thanks in advance.

Why do you avoid Chrome? Should others avoid too?

Because it's giving gooble a doorway straight into your computer and recording everything you do online. I use Opera because I like it, but Brave is pretty good too

Appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me. Thank you.

I'm a three day old steemonian. I don't have many votes of course, so yours is special, thank you very much. @sift666

yes I have. currently over 300

Do you know of any way to cash/convert the PRE tokens? Or do we wait?

I checked a couple of days ago. We are still waiting. I am unsure when Q2 ends. That was the last deadline I read.

yes I have. currently over 300

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