The total number of railways in the country of 100 years old is 37162

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0bb4ea915695.jpgOn one hand, the plan has been taken to run a bullet train in the country, on the other hand, one question is being raised about the railway service. It is not possible to train the train at the right time, but the railways fail to provide the passengers with minimum security. Recently found more than one of the evidence. In the meantime, one more worrying information came out. Over 37 thousand railway bridges spread over the whole country are more than 100 years old. According to the statement written in the Lok Sabha, Union Minister of State for Railways, Rajesh Gohain, Rajesh Gohain said. He said that the total number of 37162 bridges across the country has crossed 100. Of these, 32 percent are located in the northern part of the country. He assured, however, that there will be no shortage of passengers' safety. According to Gohene, there is no relation with the age of bridge breaking its structure. Indian Railways has suitable arrangements for the maintenance of bridges. Each bridge is tested twice a year. After the rainy season for the first time and for the second time after the rainy season, there is a thorough scrutiny. Some bridges were tested twice more again. "He said that the Northern Zone of the railways has the highest number of bridges over 100, 8691. There are 4710 in the Central Zone. The Eastern Zone has 3119 In addition, the South Central Zone and Western Zone are respectively 3040 and 2885 such bridges. He also said that all the railway bridges are repaired if needed. Not only that, the speed of train movement is also reduced if it takes more time to repair. According to Gohene, 3675 bridges have been repaired or made more powerful in the last five years. In addition, on 1st April, 3017 bridges have been repaired and the railings have been issued. In addition, in October last year, the Railways have sought reports of such bridges from the railway board. Besides, the railway authorities have also learned that there are 252 poor bridges in the country, where train movement is in normal speed. This has raised questions about passenger safety.