Is it possible to run a steemit bot on one Raspberry Pi 3 Model B?

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Yes, a raspberry pi is actually great for that purpose. A lot of people use these micro computers to run all kind of bots that don't require much processing power. The advantage is that It doesn't cost much and raspbian works well with python since it's based on ubuntu. It's not worth it to get a vps ubuntu server for this purpose. And steem-python is very difficult to install on windows, forget about running it on your windows personal computer. Virtual machine would be another option but it's not worth the hassle when a raspberry pi doesn't cost much. 

I have a raspberry pi laying around and i'm planning on experimenting with bots myself, but i didn't find the time yet.

You need some basic programming skills but it's not necessary to write a bot yourself. Just alter an existing one, you can find bots on github.

These links may be helpful:

Python documentation for raspberry pi:

How to install steem library:

You can change this bot to your preferences:

Raspberry pi 3 B:

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Cool. Going to try it myself also.

Good, let me know how things went.

Sure, if I manage to get it up 😉. Hand bit rusty, got 3 Pi lying on table since last year June.

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Yes i also got one laying around.
I like to experiment with it.

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Here are some cool use cases for a raspberry pi. I like the magic mirror.