Cutting trees in Sheffield(UK) becauae of new 5G wireless network?

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We all heard about new 5G wireless networks. Authority are introducing it like always without any research on human health. Even when studies show side effect from some technology, that is put a side because only profit is what is important. There is not much studies done on 5G, so introducing this technology is danger by itself.

For start here is short video explaining new 5G wireless technology:

As you could see the plan is to put many low power mini base stations everywhere because trees and other obstacles are blocking signals.

News about 'authorities' cutting trees even locals disagree will just another news from The Twilight Zone, but when you have information that trees are obstacle for on 5G wireless networks, that story suddenly got another connotations.

Sheffield City Council has employed the infrastructure support company 'Amey' to carry out felling program as part of a £2.2 billion contract. Since 2012 over 5,500 trees have been cut down as part of Streets Ahead scheme to improve roads and footpaths in Sheffield. In the future it's plan to cut another 2,000 trees.

The authority are saying contractors are removing only dead, dying, diseased, damaged or dangerous trees, but residents are saying most of trees were healthy. Local residents felt sorry for unnecessary loss of trees that stood for decades and because of it made few protest over the years. In last one few protesters got arrested by people who protect the public...yes, the police! The morons (police) arrested one women because of (believe it or not) blew into a small horn few times:

But police bullshit is story for another article. Back to 5G...

As you could see in video explanation of 5G, trees are big obstacle for this new network. News about unexplained felling of trees around the world should be considered in this aspect. I should emphasize word UNEXPLAINED, because local residence are saying most of trees were in good conditions. If 'authorities' are forcing something that is obviously wrong, there must be some agenda behind it. So what is real agenda behind felling this trees we can't say for sure, but if we know about negative aspects of trees on 5G, it good change that is real reason for it.

I wish I can show you in-depth research about 5G, but there are not so many especially from official sources. But there are some independent researchers who are trying to research this subject. Here is one video summing up most of dangers of 5G:


This is unbelievable...

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