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in technology •  last year

I've been playing around with Unity a lot again lately.

I've mastered rendering videos, camera mirrors, and monitor mirrors (desktops) to textures...

It's gonna be pretty cool once I sort myself out :) haha

Now I need to figure out how to output just an applications window and not the monitor itself..

Basically think along the lines of VirtualDesktop or something. Except I will have RDP access and more...

I will post some videos and screenshots when I can...My stupid computer can barely handle this stuff yet alone recording the screen while doing this lol... ha!

R U A Unity Expert? and wanna help? Conact me!

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nice to meet you

you can teach us unity on here. I have not seen anyone do it yet.

i am a game design student and started teaching myself C++.
I read that unity uses C-sharp.

do you recommend I switch games and start learning c-sharp to begin designing prototypes in unity?


I would love to show off more of what Unity can do, is doing, and will do.

NVIDIA is mainly using Unreal engine for ISAAC, but I'm going to be using Unity for sure. It does soooo much! so well!

The problem I have with doing any videos on this stuff is my current setup. Unfortunately I run my company as a split of a robotic assisted floor care company and then my AI/VR stuff. So most of my money goes to running the company and equipment and keeping it alive and I literally have the crappiest computer in the world right now. All my stuff has finally worn out... :(

So I'm trying to save up for something nice...threadripper would be killer but I'll take the next step down. You can build a good build for less than 900 now so...

Basically, it'll be a couple months yet. Unless people wanna donate to my patreon or gofundme page lol (They usually don't so haha) All my stuff is going on github and opensource if that helps :P and wait til I get around to launching my IPFS hash compression system :P some day....sigh....So many ideas and nobody that listens :)

You saw my newest post right. With the virtual desktops in VR? Yah, That's about the level of video I can produce right now with these Walmart laptops I'm running off of. It's not good.