What Was Your First Screen Name?

in technology •  3 years ago

Hey ya'll! I'm posting the obligatory selfie with my account name to confirm my identity. But mostly, because it reminds me of the good old MySpace days, with a hip-hop backwards hat selfie and T-Pain's "I'm Sprung" blasting from my profile page. 

Also ICQ, dialup internet, chat rooms, MSN and hotmail. And if I do say so myself, ratemybody.com - because I was 17 and didn't know any better [sorry, mom]. 

That brings up a very important question - what was your first screen name? 

I find that our first screen names often have a great story around them, and reveal a cool piece of our identity that we may have forgotten as we've officially become adults [meh]. 

My first screen name was Çiçek [pronounced ch-ee-check], which means "flower" in Turkish. Yeah, another confession: I was obsessed with Tarkan [the kiss-kiss song guy], and studied Turkish for a year. I can still count to ten Turkish after a glass of wine [or a smoothie with like 10 superfoods]. 

I'd love to hear your first screen name in comments below and how it came about! 

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Demotruk. It was from the computer game Red Alert, short for "Demolition Truck". The name with the c was taken.


Red Alert! I was obsessed with GTA. Thanks for sharing!

My first screen name was Babbar Sher, which means lion in Punjabi. I got this name by beating everyone in my high school in arm wrestling. It was given by my high school sweetheart.


Nice one! Do you still use it?

@mynomadicyear My first screen name was very creative. The origin goes back to after I was born and given a name. Eventually it led to this creation: @joeld. :P


From @joeld to garden whisperer, huh? ;)


Talking to plants is very important in keeping them happy :)

Mine was Rimann..... I can't let it go. Thanks a lot runescape


Screen names from computer games seem to be a thing :)

I think my first ever screen name on bulletin boards was just "tt". I guess I just thought, I'll put a placeholder and choose something cooler later. What a waste of creative potential.

I remember this version from 'Neighbours' star Holly Valance. I think I prefer the original recording

I was 'always' Gandalf (as I mentioned in my introduction). Unfortunately, on steem that id was already taken, so I used gtg initials (as in Gandalf the Grey).
On steemit.chat I'm Gandalf (join us there if you have some spare time :-))
Just recently, thanks to kindness of @masteryoda and @joseph I was able to finally get @gandalf account on steemit!