Early Look at the Magic Leap AR Goggles

in technology •  2 years ago 

I am so excited that finally, after years of waiting, Magic Leap is officially releasing early images of their Augmented Reality (AR) goggles. The Magic Leap One is the culmination of a tremendous amount of work and money. Magic Leap is heavily funded by tech investors and even celebrities.   

This company has been touting some incredible capabilities and user interaction experiences. Many have questioned if they could deliver on their vision.    Check out their original concept video, circa 2015, which has near 4 million views!



For years, it has been quiet and wild rumors of failure have popped up every so often. So, with the release of these first product pictures, the time has come to see if Magic Leap can deliver. I truly hope they can. It could thrust AR forward and into the mainstream.    Shipping of the developer version is expected in 2018.    Image 

Image Source: https://www.magicleap.com/stories/media  

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Augmented reality is even better than VR. It keeps you connected to the real world while overlaying really cool user experiences. This is a game changer, if (a big IF) they can pull it off. So many things need to come together to make this viable. Crossing my fingers!

this is so cool! maybe with time they will become much less expensive

Initial prices will likely be stratospheric.

I am not much into the whole gaming scene, but this is impressive! I am excited to see this product on the market, although I can see that the price tag will be outrageous!

do you think that they could use them for military training?

Absolutely! AR technology has a tremendous potential.

Picture a decade from now ... the twenty somethings will be shocked when the early teenagers will be asking ... "What is a computer monitor? You mean you used to use something other than these goggles/glasses?"

In a decade, contact lenses may be available. In 20 years, it could be implants...

The usefulness of a computer monitor is truly limited compared to what this AR technology can deliver. Monitors are destined to become relics.