Selling my old XYZ Da Vinci Jr 1.0 #3Dprinter!!

in #technology4 years ago

Everyone check out my auction for my old Da Vinci Jr.. I am selling it because I upgraded to a Robo R1+ & do not have the time to fix this one. This is a great entry level/#Parts #Printer for a #Hobbiest, #Maker or #Entrepanuer to start on!


The bidding starts at $42.50 and I have the reserve set for $100. The extruder drive gear (the gear that pushes #filament to the extruder) is stripped and needs replacing. It is not a hard task to do but I simply don’t ha e the time to do it.

However all the rest of the parts work, extruder, RFID filament spool insert, power supply, glass build plate, etc.. I have treated this printer with extreme care I even still have the plastic on the #LCD screen!


I took such extreme care with this printer because it was my first, and I really want it to goto a loving new #Home. The #extruder is in amazing shape. New extruders are around $99 plus shipping to replace and the glass bed goes for around $50 (according to the XYZprinting #website).


So if you need some replacement parts or have the time to get a new extruder gear you will have a #3Dprintet for a very low cost! I will send any XYZ filament that I have left to sweeten the deal!


So take a Glance at my #Ebay auction page to get in on a low priced 3D printer w/ this link:

*All photos posted were taken by me in my home Copyright January 30th 2018 - All Rights Reserved.

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