Intel i7-3610QM and Intel i7-4700MQ Cinebench Benchmarks (Single Core and Multi-threaded tests). AMD Ryzen build coming soon!

5 months ago
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Hi everyone,

With the AMD Ryzen 7 processor family being released tomorrow, I decided to run some benchmarks on my rather old i7 CPUs: the Intel i7-3610QM and i7-4700MQ.

I use my Intel i7-3610QM in a desktop build I did using the Jetway NF9G-QM77 motherboard, while the i7-4700MQ is from my Lenovo Y510P laptop.

The i7-3610QM is an Ivy Bridge CPU, while the i7-4700MQ is a Haswell CPU. Both are Quad-Core CPUs with Hyper Threading which makes a total of 8 Threads.

Below are the benchmarks:

Multi-threaded benchmarks


i7-3610QM Benchmarks.png


i7-4700MQ Benchmarks.png

Single Core benchmarks:


i7-3610QM SC Benchmark.png


i7-4700MQ SC Benchmark.png

Based on these results, I could really benefit from the AMD Ryzen CPUs if their benchmarks are actually accurate. I've preordered the ASUS B350M Motherboard and the AMD Ryzen 7 1700 CPU. I hope Amazon ships them tomorrow so I can hopefully have it in my hands Friday night! I'll perform some benchmarks in that build and report back.

Follow me to keep you informed when I post about my AMD Ryzen PC build!

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