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RE: The Future of Computer Technology - Most People Have No Idea!

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A lot of people dont realize that many jobs will completely done by robots or computers within the next 20 years, cars can drive themselves, soon this will be the same for trucks, bus drivers, etc. many things can be done on the internet, we have no need for malls, especially when everything can be purchased online. its going to be crazy times in the next few decades


I guess if you're an optimist you could say this will lead to an age of luxury where machines do all the hard work and people can spend more time doing what they love ... or if you're a pessimists this could lead to a time when the majority of people are no longer needed and disposed of by the powers that be.

Yes generally I'm an optimist. My only fear is that there is not much time to adapt. I actually work in IT but I realize that I must now train for a job that may not even exist yet!

Indeed and a lot of this is happening even now. There are mines for example where the trucks have been driving themselves for years. Also centers are already laying people off thanks to advances in machine learning.