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RE: A hover backpack can now glide you over streets

in #technology6 years ago

This is remarkable, but I don’t see any practical uses of this technology, other than fun recreational activities. It helps people jump higher sure, but it looks very odd with the huge thing sticking out.


I totally see your point. It will be interesting to see how the students at Lunavity make this technology applicable besides just being able to hover around for fun. A few practical use cases mentioned were for paraplegics as well as crossing crosswalks without needing a red light. It would be very sketchy crossing a crosswalk with this hover backpack and cars moving at 40 mph below you 😂

Yeah jumping over roads isn’t a such a good idea I guess haha. But this is a good prototype they developed for testing, once they can find all the faults that doesn’t make it practical they can get on it to fix it.

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