Diseases of the modern-day society caused by the digitalization_Part 01

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The information and communications technology have rapidly changed in the last 20 years and the digital era we live in is setting some trends that have a huge impact on our lives. The innovations in the high-tech industry are stepping in every aspect of modern-day life.

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Just a couple of years ago most of the people had desktop computers with huge CRT monitors that were limiting their usage to the perimeter of their homes or workplaces. Nowadays every other person owns at least a couple of portable devices.

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One of the innovations is the well-know smart technology and smart devices. Their consumption is peaking right now and it is completely normal to affect the life of the modern-day society both in a positive and a negative way.
Many doctors and researches are starting to discover new diseases caused by the excessive usage of smart devices and the internet in general. Here is the first part of a list with diseases of the modern-day society that are caused by the digitalization:

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1.”FOMO” - fear of missing out

This is social anxiety which is characterized by the vast desire one to stay continually connected to with what are people are doing and the fear of missing out something important that is happening elsewhere. It is mostly aroused by social media posts and leads to situations where people are constantly checking their phones. It can cause serious addiction to social media and neurosis.

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This is the proclivity of believing that one has diseases they read about online. Thanks to the vast archive of medical literature, different forums, and sources online most of the people first check the internet when they have some doubts about their health condition - new mole, strong headache and etc. Most of the times those apprehensions are pointless but humans imagination is infinite and people usually conclude the worst possible outcome.

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In this condition, the brain is sending false signals that the phone is ringing from a pocket or a purse which causes one to check it. Researchers discover that almost 70% of the people have experienced this at least once in their lifetime and they say that it is caused by a misplaced response mechanism in our brains. It can lead to light forms of hallucination.

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4.”NOMOPHOBIA” - no-mobile phobia

This is a condition where one is feeling strong anxiety from the lack of access to their mobile phone. It usually affects mostly active users that use their mobile devices more than 4 hours on a daily basis. Doctors believe that it can grow to strong despair and lead to heavy depression in the long term.

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This is the tendency of the human brain to store less information because everything is only one click away. It is a serious problem and can lead to a strong decrease in intelligence quotient and can negatively affect academic education. It is especially dangerous for teenagers and students as they are in a process of learning and developing really important skills and the opportunity of finding almost everything in a couple of seconds can increase laziness and affect in the long term of human evolution.

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