I can't be proud leaving my crappy windows 10

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Get your shit together!

I yelled to myself this morning after a series of breakdown I had for the last couple of days. I was wondering if the medication was not working but maybe I was wrong.

For the last couple of days, all I did was feeding my self junk ( food and news), binge watch series and sleep more than I should. The horrible food I ate caused me to feel lethargic and lazy. It also caused me to lost my productivity and the consistency I have been trying to learn.

Then, I decided something had to be done.Something that at least make me feel less irritable of things.

I finally get rid of crappy Windows 10 installed on my archaic laptop

yes, that's what I exactly do with my laptop from time to time even I love it to death.

I was a happy user of Windows 10 because it was user-friendly and there are numerous application windows based that helps me navigate my tasks easily. But everything was loading very slowly and there wasn't a day I don't flip my laptop.

My device is pretty old. It's HP 14' with Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N3050 @ 1.60GHz as processor. It definitely can't handle window10 pretty well especially that I sometimes do some high graphics activity and forcing my device to compile some of my code experiments.

So, yesterday I decided to just install Lubuntu ( Light weight ubuntu) and I couldn't be happier. I will recommend everyone who has a crappy device to use Ubuntu as operating system. Brace yourself, you will be a friend with a dude name Sudo.

What is Sudo and what does it do?

Sudo stands for substitute user do or super user do. It allows users to run a program as another user.
Linux 101

Windows has it to but it's pretty straightforward and easy compared to ubuntu.


For example, yesterday I was messing up with the panel preferences. It looked so horrible that I want to reset it. Well, all I did was click on


To open the terminal click this

ctrl + alt + t

Type this following command

$ rm -r ~/.config/lxpanel
$ lxpanelctl restart

Then voila! your panel setting restore to its default state


I know, It will require a bit of work but if you are like myself, who own an old device and wanted to enjoy another level of youtube that look like this, Lubuntu is the answer.


Anyway, that's all for today since I am going to set up more settings and catch up with things I have been missing.

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I love Windows 10 :D Hated Windows 8 though!


@jonmagnusson I will only love it if I am using a latest device but mine is old. Can't help but to switch.

i love this post.jpg

Recently installed Ubuntu on my (original W7) HP pavilion desktop pc.
Runs like a charm and since then im so happy. Now considering to get to it on my laptop also :)

Ubuntu works magic on older systems.



This picture how I actually feel using Ubuntu; specificially Lubuntu

I can do more with it and feeling happier ever since. However, I was getting trouble with connecting to public wifi with login. It took me about 2 hours to figure out but I have somehow befriended SUDO.

In spite of the hard knocks that you put it through, I sense the love that you retain for your machine. ^_^

The torment that your computer went through is precisely why Windows 10 being shoved down the throats of all users was an evil thing to do.

I still believe that Microsoft should have either nurtured Windows XP for lighter systems or, failing this, released the code to the open source community to let them do what they could to create the "poor man's Windows".

I've not ever drummed up the courage to leave Windows behind - but I'll definitely consider giving "my first wife" a new lease of life through a strategic change in OS in the future. ^_~


@pathforger, I am sorry for often not replying back.

I am quite stubborn when it comes to change and it took me a year before I switch using Lubuntu for my archaic device. I come to love it even more although I lost the privilege of numerous user-friendly applications. I am a huge fan of productivity applications but anyway, you shall try this!

Have a great day!


Do not worry about it. We all have lives to live. :cP

Yes, I shall be trying something like this in due time. ^_^

I must admit that when the time comes I am interested in trying ReactOS

Although another part of me hopes that EOS will 'truly' be an "Everything Operating System" and fill this space - although this is wishful thinking on my part. :cP

Have a great day also. ^_^


@pathforger, Well it turned out using Ubuntu will most likely giving me more mental breakdown. I have to be really calm and read more to find every possible solution that will happen in the future. Just this morning, the mouse is jumping around like crazy!

But anyway It's going to be fine....

And you're right, we all have lives to lives; especially with my college starting.

well i am a big fan of computer and tech and i love to learn new things


@azizulhassan, there are so much thing to learn. Consider moving to ubuntu!