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RE: Trustless - What does it mean in laymen's terms?

in #technology3 years ago

Loved your article, I am waiting for a day when someone joins a new job and HR asks for the wallet address instead of bank details. The day we are able to trust so much on technology will be the day when there will be a financial revolution in history.


Thank you for your great comment @looftee :) and I believe that the financial revolution will be the cause for HR to request your wallet address instead of bank details. I think it is going to happen sooner that we all think... or let's rather say I hope.

I am a non techie, so I learned a thing or two from your post. So I am following you now, keep posting stuff like this.

Thanks @looftee :) Have a look at my previous posts. I post "in laymens terms"on things like this quite often.

And also followed you :)

I surely will, and Upvote them all, though my upvote don't give much but it is whatever I can Give in return for you spreading knowledge.