PaaS, DBaaS, SaaS ... What does it mean?

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Over the past few years, a lot of new terms related to the telecommunications sector appeared in the English language. We often work with the terms that are connected with the "cloud" sphere. And if they are clear to me, for most users they are like abbreviations that they don’t understand.

These terms are often used, and now I invite you to once and for all deal with the ones that end on * aaS.

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

In short, PaaS - is a way to provide the customer with the finished software environment. At the same time, it provides the tools to fine-tune such an environment. The elements of PaaS are the hardware, operating system, database, middleware, developing and testing tools. Now PaaS I one of the standards for e-commerce.

If it is necessary, the user can quickly deploy a typical environment for the development and testing of his products. Also, in a typical environment, you can place the backup pads, move workloads parts.

Often, the PaaS is used by programmers who are working together on various projects. In this case, all or part of the developers has a remote access to a unified development environment. Accordingly, all of them need enough system resources and collaboration tools.

PaaS allows you to easily distribute tasks, monitor, and correct mistakes, work with different versions of the project. Accordingly, such media have messaging and commenting tools.

DBaaS (Database as a Service)

DBaaS - a kind of PaaS. Using DBaaS, the user can access the database of any type by request. Users can quickly deploy databases on any class of equipment in the environment of software platform (operating system) that he has chosen.
The user can select the database by specifying the version, the overall configuration, or a number of other features.

Over the past couple of years, providers of cloud services significantly increased the number of DBaaS offers. IBM, for example, provides access to a scalable and fully managed database through the standard object-oriented API.

MWaaS (Middleware as a Service)

It is also one of the varieties of PaaS. MWaaS is a dedicated cloud solution for companies. As part of this service, customers are provided with the appropriate infrastructure for corporate and security tools service. Using MWaaS, the user can quickly prepare a specific software environment.
One element of MWaaS - an application server. It plays a role of container and load balancing in the cloud.

The structure of MWaaS includes integrated safety features that allow quick access to the necessary private cloud-based applications and databases. Using middleware as a service, users can work with the stable and scalable environment. Plus, companies can transfer their own applications from a public cloud to another, if necessary.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

An interesting service that got active development in recent years. SaaS software is used by platform developers providing remote access to them. An excellent example of SaaS can be Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft has offered MS Office Suite (Office Web Apps), SharePoint Server, Exchange Server and other services and applications on the SaaS model.

There is no need to install software package of SaaS. Accordingly, there is no need to spend money on the installation, updating, and maintenance of equipment and software that work on this equipment. SaaS can serve for multiple users.

Advantages of SaaS is that there is no need for one-time license payment.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

In this case, the service provider offers computing resources for rent. This can be a set of virtual machines, data storages, network elements of different types. With IaaS user can rapidly deploy a copy of the OS, running virtual copies of a number of software packages. In this case, there is no need to deploy your own network infrastructure. Everything you need is supplied by IaaS. At the same time, such an environment is almost always flexible and scalable.

Resources that are not used, can be released automatically, and with additional load quickly entered into the building of new resources.
IaaS is often used by IT professionals in various fields (banking, telecommunications, etc.).

There is no doubt that in the near future we will see how all these cloud services will develop rapidly. Also, it can’t be doubted that in the near future we will hear about the new #aaS.

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