BAT's Brave browser hits 4 million active users a month

in technology •  2 months ago

Since they invited me early to their promo program and i love BAT i have been promoting this browser here for long time. If you want to try how fast it is vs others DOWNLOAD HRRE.

You can also load it up with BAT tokens (even uses that!) and pay to sites you love automatically. Also it blocks ads, loads of spyware and has native builtin Metamask (best plugin to use Ethereum tokens). Worth to mention also integrated torrent viewer. Just try it.


BAT Markets

Those top vol exchanges i dont know nor use (easy to fake volumes to get noticed) and if you use Binance and have some BNB then its cheaper to buy there since fees are over 50% smaller than elsewhere.

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I got hooked on the Brave Browser about a few months ago when you promoted it here on Steemit. It is simply amazing for me.

I am not sure why, but somehow I always have trouble uploading videos on DTube and Dlive from Mozilla or Chrome but when I use Brave, it always works like a charm :-)


Same and Meta masks works better there as well


Next week every google chrome ap will be available on brave as well, so no reason to use any other browser.


Wait really-sweet :P


wait really? my biggest hangup with brave was the lack of apps, this would be amazing!

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Full Steem Ahead!! <3

Thanks for update on BAT. Wish STEEM could get to 4,000,000 users.

I love this product. Simply the best crypto product out there hands down. Something went wrong a few months ago when trying to use it and I can't get it to work now, after having it work flawlessly for the better part of a year. I am upgrading to Linux Mint 19 SOLELY to be able to use Brave again. Nuff said ;)

I´m using it on my mobile. Still holding my BAT!!

I am also a user on most of my platforms as I see its benefits immediately. I also use it on my mobile device as I could tell it uses much less data given its blockers.

Brave is make like easy for us on internet. I have installed mobile and pc application. I love it.

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Have they started the brave ads yets?

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I have not used it yet. Do you earn tokens for surfing or do you just use them to give to sites you love?


Not yet earning them-that when they get there optin adnetwork-but right now brave give to sites you love.


so you need to 'buy' in to start with


not right now-they premined their tokens so they are giving them to users for free to give to the sites they use

Another one of those 4 million here checking in. Thank you for not weaponizing or selling my data without permission. Can't wait for token platform deployment! :)

Wonder where will to go when they start their ad monetization. tipuvote!

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Interesting, I haven't heard about Bat, but it seems to be going in the right direction! Keep up the great content @kingscrown!

Cool. Will give it a try to Bat browser (will also try to understand the behind the bat)

congratz. i hope steemit for the same too.

Did this code with python and pyqt?