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RE: What's it Like to be a Cyborg? My First Implant (And My Next)

in #technology5 years ago

Super interesting! The bit about the bluetooth blew my mind a bit. My dad and uncle both have terrible hearing and I'll probably need something like this one day.

On another note, once had a teacher who made that point that technically anyone wearing glasses is a cyborg!


I wouldn't agree with him, as glasses can be easily removed.

You're probably right! It was more about you saying there is still a lot of social stigma, people demanding you answer weird/difficult questions, etc., but in lots of ways it's already pretty normal. Glasses might be a bad example - pacemakers might be a better one!

Sure, there you go. The earliest pacemakers were even powered by small amounts of plutonium.

Sounds like the start of a superhero movie... or more likely a lawsuit.

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