The Truth about DuckDuckGo

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The Truth about DuckDuckGo.png
Credit: DuckDuckGo, Inc. and Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay.

Long story short:

  • DuckDuckGo is only partly open source

  • it partnered with Yahoo! to get access to tech and features

  • it displays Yahoo!-Microsoft search alliance ads (which can be disabled)

  • and it uses Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing Maps, and Here WeGo for map and address-related searches. To be fair, DuckDuckGo also gives you the option to use maps from the OpenStreetMap project.


DuckDuckGo now solely uses Apple Maps for map and address-related searches.

Another thing worth mentioning is that DuckDuckGo is part of Amazon's and eBay's affiliate programs. Officially, this doesn't influence the search engine's rankings or relevancy functions in any way. But, needless to say, DuckDuckGo isn't open source.

Fortunately, as I point out in my article "How to Avoid Funding the American Deep State," there are open-source alternatives:

'It's extremely costly to develop and maintain search engines like Google. The only decent open-source and privacy-oriented search engines I know of are Searx and YaCy. Searx avoids big bills by aggregating the results of other search engines, and YaCy does it by being peer-to-peer.

Update is down, "due to infrastructure issues." So here is the list of other public Searx instances refers to.'


Save us a click Bro and tell us what the search engines are.

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Searx and YaCy (updated my post).

Good to know! All my previous attempts to find decent alternative search engines usually only brought up results about Yandex and DuckDuckGo. Never heard of Searx or YaCy before.

Have fun asking yourself why those in the alternative media who should know better still recommend using DuckDuckGo ;)

All this fear and paranoia is "anoia-ing", but we all need to wise up! So thanks for the tip, I am going to keep an eye on your blog from now on.

Thanks for the info! Time to start using a new browser (again)!

A new browser?

Ah! New search engine even.

Evidence of how quickly my mind becomes distracted!

which truth is here revealed? Sorry, this post is unnecessary, you can easily research this information on their official documents...

Many people think that DuckDuckGo is an "anti-establishment" search engine, which, you know, it isn't.

I'm running a yacy instance. It is not as useful a search engine as one might hope but it works mostly. Duckduck is still my go to though.

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Isn't open source though ;)