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It is a fact that robots are increasingly more advanced and cheap, to the point where it is more profitable to use robots instead of humans

What are the benefits of replacing humans with robots for business?

The robots each year are more effective in the tasks they perform, and each vesx are more present.

  • The robots in more profitable, according to the work that is done.
  • Discuss fewer mistakes and ensure higher quality.
  • They work without rest or until there is a reason that prevents them, as technical failures.
  • Increase speed in the work you do.
  • They can perform the most difficult jobs very easily.
  • It is not necessary to pay for the rights or privileges that may have the employees, as for concepts of accidents in the workplace.


  • A large part of the world's population would be without jobs, approximately 30% to 50%.
  • Jobs that require creativity are the least likely to be replaced by robots.
  • It creates new jobs, especially in what is the Internet, big data, digital presence, and jobs dedicated to robotics and programming.


  • It is not known if this caused a great unemployment, that would lead to an economic crisis, creating the deflation, or simply created jobs equivalent to those that were lost thanks to the robots.
  • The more money is paid for a service or easier, the more likely it is to be robot-hoisted.
  • It is a fact that in a future, humans and robots will have to work together.






I believe your estimates for the initial level of unemployment caused by robotics and AI is massively underestimated, I would suggest around 90% within the next 20 years, barring black swans. I am equally confident that this will re-balance over time but unfortunately not by finding gainful jobs for the surplus humans.

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