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Exerpt From "How To Keep Your STEEM Account Hacker Free"

Passphrases Not Passwords

This is an important distinction. The term 'password' indicates a single word instead of multiple words. The longer a passphrase is, the better. This is because each new character adds more entropy. Entropy is what makes the passphrase hard to guess by both computers and people.

The best method to form a passphrase is to use a system that has no ties to us. A passphrase that has our school name, birth month, and the name of our first pet may be long, but these days information is bought and sold. It does not take long for someone to learn such information about us.

Dice Lists

This is where dice lists are the most useful. A dice list is a list of thousands of words next to numbers. Search online for "EFF Diceware List" and download the file. To use this list to make a strong passphrase we take five dice and roll them. Write down the numbers and roll again. Do this five or six times.

Now those numbers we wrote down correspond to words on the list. What we get is a passphrase that looks something like this:


A string of random words that have no relation to us at all. Since it is words, it is easy for us to memorize, but due to its length it is extremely hard to guess.

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muy interesante tu publicación, gracias por tu apoyo

Don't use the same passwords of your other websites login or applications.thank you it was worth reading

Thanks this is really helpful

Nice to meet you. I am a friend from today. I wish you all the best and healthy. Your friend lucky7777

muy interesante tu publicación, gracias por tu apoyo

Good text and video. Useful tips.

I'm writing about information security too, check my blog.

Wow, this was really helpful. Thanks a lot for thi piece @jrswab

Good practical advice
Youtube would only let me see the first 7 or 8 days of the 28 day bootcamp; How do you se the rest?
Keep up the good work

Wow, this was really helpful. Thanks a lot for this piece @jrswab

When signing up for a website, do not answer the security questions honestly always use the same wrong answers for max security


100% this

points up

I use 1password to keep my passwords "safe". Until know it works fine!