"Tweeting" On Bitcoin Cash?! | Dtube Exclusive | Vlog #0002

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memo.cash is a new social network that rides on top of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Much like @zappl and Twitter, it allows for short-form content such as text and images. While this is not the first social network on a blockchain, it is the first on a chain like Bitcoin.

This social network is still new, and the interface is very bare bones, but I feel that is fine. The primary objective is to get the idea working smoothly than worry about making everything look pretty.

That said, it already looks better than it did when I first joined and there are many sites out there that keep the bare bones look. Take Reddit for example, not flashy or fancy, and they get millions of views a day. It's not about how something looks but how it operates.

Why On Bitcoin Cash?

The reason is due to the size of the blocks on the Bitcoin Cash network. Each block has a default size of 8mb at the moment I write this but will be 32mb in just a couple of days. While the developers on the Bitcoin network chose to keep the block size at 1mb causing the split to Bitcoin Cash.

While both sides of the block size debate have good arguments, it is Bitcoin Cash that can do these cool things like run a twitter service. All because the block size allows for the room. My only worry is that this type of service may get in the way of financial transactions if Bitcoin Cash goes mainstream.

What can we do on Memo.Cash?

  • View profiles
  • Make posts
    • Add text
    • Add images
    • Embed video
  • Follow others
  • Write a bio
  • See followers
    • Your followers
    • Other people's followers
  • Write in topic threads

▶️ Watch On DTube!
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I find this piece valuable most especially the video, you are deserve our vote for witness because you have prove yourself in many ways. I'm streaming the video with great excitements


Thanks for all the kind words mate! Please feel free to let me know if there are any topics that you would like to see covered. Also my Discord DM is always open for questions about my witness.

Nice and valuable video @jrswab. One of the new cryptocurrencies that has accessed the market recently. Actually, I am planning to start working with it. Your opinion ?


Go for it! Never hurts to try something new right?

Thanks as always for your comprehensive reviews of new resources like Memo Cash @jrswab!