Most impressive innovations in technology

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Selfie Drone

a camera that can take photos of a 4k resolution. This drone uses the best technology to follow you and take the best

The smallest drone

The smallest drone called Skeye Nano Camera Dron is only four centimeters wide and can reach a height of up to 50 meters and weighs only fourteen grams, this drone allows us to spin it in the air while recording and its battery lasts 4


Manufactured by Arca Space Corporation levita thanks to the presence of six electric fans inside with sensors reaching a height of up to 30 cm, your battery lasts about 6 minutes

Smart Coffee Maker

PrimaDonna Elite of De'Longhi, is undoubtedly the best coffee machine that allows you to make the coffee that you like best from your cell phone through its app

Smartphone washable

Kyocera, a Japanese company developed the first washable smartphone in the world, called safre, is a smarphone that besides being washable is also resistant to dust and shock, has anti scratch paint so we should not worry about those rallones in our smarphone, the smarphone has: screen of 5 inches 10 millimeters wide, android 5.1 (lollipop) and a camera of 13 megapixels, also has a screen that makes it work even when wet and has good protection in the speaker to avoid damaging it while it is washed

Odorless socks

The Curetex socks are socks made with washi fiber, a Japanese paper that does not allow the passage of moisture, bacteria or odors

Thermal gloves

The first gloves that can be heated alone and work perfectly when exercising in cold climates

Restaurant Robot

If you are waiting in line to order your food in the restaurant, you should go to San Francisco where you will find a fast food restaurant without employees, only handled by robots, where you will not have to wait, there is a virtual cashier gives you fresh food

Personal robot

The company RoboDynamics, is working on a personal robot of human size, which could even walk our pet or servinos a few drinks

Cinnibird, pen to write about food

Very useful device that allows us to write or draw on our drinks or meals

Starfish so you do not forget your son in the car

designed by a 26-year-old father Matthew Sheets, is a weight sensor whose function is to notify parents if they left the children in the car

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Great post @josedavid125 I really enjoy the new inventation that are creating around the world!!! warm gloves for cold environments nicee haha


thank you very much brother I hope and keep growing in the steemit community !!