Proposed Model for the Societal Progress Platform for Collaboration and Organization

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symbolic representation of platform

I am working on building a model for a platform to help form an alternative organizational and governmental form called Cooptocracy. It can be used to own and govern a new kind of cooperative collaborative organization. This kind of cooperative has the potential and intention to provide all products and services usually provided by traditional governments and corporations and non-profit and public benefit organizations in a a more ethical and sustainable style.

I am modeling the decision making system of these organizations.

I propose an advanced system of organic delegation, where everyone gets a proportion of the decision power, say 25% of voting points goes to every stakeholder. 25% is earned by achieving and proving certain competencies for certain kinds of decisions. 50% is distributed in direct proportion to what energy and resources a person has invested into the organization.

For example, if there are one billion decision points for each decision, 250 million would be distributed equally to all stake holders. Each person has the option to distribute those points to representatives for each category of decisions, probably could be done with a 15-minute minimum questionnaire, where they could be matched like a dating website matches people in relationships. I can see the same model being used to match lovers to match people to representatives, look at ok cupid, there are a limitless amount of questions you can answer to increase matching accuracy.

The another 250 million could be distributed based on reputation and competency tests and some kinds of credentials. Or these points could be distributed based on many hybrid kinds of governance principles.

The remaining 500 million would be distributed in direct proportion to what each person has invested to the organization.

It is a holistic perspective organizational model the integrates all philosophies of governance as the holistic perspective is a synthesis of all perspectives.

Please feel welcome to contribute constructive feedback, questions, and reactions related to the model proposed or anything related.



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I think one of the solution is to educate people so they can take decision about complex problems like the economy of energy.


I agree, we need to either make people more capable of making these decisions by educating them or by building systems that help make these decisions easier.