YouTube is Becoming ThemTube

in #technology6 years ago

They disable your ability to make money on your videos when you say anything the left is against: they're increasing censorships: they're starting to hide & delete videos, accounts, and more.


Platforms like Steemit have the ability to become as huge as YouTube !. What they need imo is a very nice looking UI. The Normal user doesn't mostly care about the Software behind it they care about the functionality and the UI. If a Website doesn't look good most of the People will avoid this Website !. To earn Money on YouTube isnt as easy as it was. Big YouTubers will make use of the ability to earn Money on Sites like Steemit. Thats the way how to get BIG for the new Platform. A Win Win Situation.

Agreed. Steemit encourages competition as well. Other websites and blockchains and people and technology and crypto and other things will continue to compete with Steemit for example and crypto will continue to compete against each other in regards to money capitalism in the exchange markets of the world.
Competition is the advantage of capitalism and supply and demand and that is what it is all about and equality is a dangerous word that can and does and has already led to communism, socialism, tyranny, slavery, the fall of Rome, the fall of many empires, nations, and it leads to other bad things like more taxes, more welfare, more crime, loss of freedoms and the list goes on.
Steemit is taking advantage of some of the cross-platform features that Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, & others used. I hope that Steemit can have embedded Steemit Videos that can be shared everywhere like YouTube videos are.
I hope Steemit can continue to try to make apps like Facebook does to help embed threads, conversations, onto Wordpress, onto external blogs, websites, and for helping in maybe logging into different websites and everything.
Steemit has different platforms or I mean that Steemit is an example of one platform from the Steem blockchain and that reminds me of what Twitter has too.
There are many examples of all of this stuff and I encourage people to either help Steem or to compete against Steem.
Please continue to help Linux, to help in copy left stuff, to help open source, to help everybody in so many fields and everything.... or compete against them.... competition is a good thing.... it is a game.... may the better ideas and people and things win and do better..... may the better people and things profit and make a lot of money.... I do not want equality..... I want competition.... you do better, you get a hell of a lot more..... and if you do bad, then you become poor and stuff.... good luck dear world.

This is good in the long run, all the evil doers are showing their hands. It's the beginning of the end for them :-)

Agreed. Awesome. The bad people will not prevail. The good will.

Always do in the end, usually after life becomes unbearable first. Silly creatures :-)

Sounds familiar! They'll always get what they want as long as you play by their rules.

Good to be a Batman.

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