Outsmart Malicious Attacks with Strong Thinking Skills

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In our post 3 Internet Habits to Keep Kids Safe and Smart we talked about one of those habits being critical thinking skills. We talked about the absolute best way to keep children safe on the Internet is to teach them to approach it with critical thinking.

Vigilant computer users have the critical thinking skills and mindset that enable them to anticipate and defend against internal and external threats to their computer and data.

The challenges of working on the rapidly changing and sometimes complex world wide web require the ability to reason well in highly precise contexts.

It also requires ambiguous and uncertain contexts, the ability to analyze problems and to evaluate alternatives, and the ability to explain to family and children clearly what needs to be done and why.

Applying these skills in a speedy, effective, logical and organized manner requires focus, resourcefulness, foresight, and responsiveness.

Charged with protecting data and information from threats ranging from hackers to viruses, these parental figures need to be prepared for the hackers and boogers they are trying to stop.

We discussed how this critical thinking includes teaching them to question the motives of other people online.
Regretfully, all children need to be aware that predators use the web to lure and target kids.

Make sure your kids tell you immediately if a stranger contacts them. Along with this old fashion “stranger danger”, parental figures will need to teach them to identify what marks something as suspect and what they should avoid.

As a parental figure, you need to become the safety line between your children and the world wide web.

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It used to be so much safer on the internet when I was a kid - if I had a child now, I'd have no clue how to protect them...don't even know how to protect myself, to be honest :D


@vendee, If you stay up with our blog, I can help you. You can start by reading out post "3 Internet Habits to Keep Kids Safe and Smart".

Thank you for taking the time to comment and watch our video and read our post.


Definitely gonna check more of your articles, I'm too paranoid for the online world


Thanks hope you enjoy the articles and appreciate your comments.

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