Best Microsoft Excel Alternative in 2017 is Airtable!

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For spreadsheets and collaboration online, what works better than Microsoft Excel for me as an entrepreneur online today?

I love Microsoft Excel, but I'm showing you today Airtable because I like Airtable even better than Microsoft Excel because it's easier to collaborate with.

Read this post or watch the original video from YouTube to learn how I use Airtable in my business daily.

Best Microsoft Excel Alternative in 2017 is Airtable

Microsoft Excel is a program I've been using for 15 plus years and here's something that I do in it that's one of the most helpful spreadsheets I've ever made.

In this spreadsheet, I track the work I do each day. I track the number of audio files, number of videos I upload, number of messages, and then I put the exact project that I'm doing in here with it, and I track each of these by days.

This is an example of something Microsoft Excel is extremely helpful for. Yet, when I do it in Airtable, this is even easier.

In Airtable, I've got my "Diary."

When I click on "Diary" I can then see a spreadsheet that I was easily able to copy and paste from Microsoft Excel.

The difference in Airtable is that some of the things I want to do anyway are automatically done. In Microsoft Excel, I had to create formulas to make the second row at the top and calculate the "Total," and this is automatically done over in Airtable.

I can even switch these up however I want to. I have the Sum, I can put the Average down here for example. I can just easily switch that to an Average, and then switch that back to a Sum. I can switch all these over to averages if I want to.

This is so easy down here, you can even put things in like Standard Deviation. You can put in things like the number of Empty's or you can put in the Max.

This is easy in Microsoft Excel in theory, but in practice, you think, “Well I should be able to just set up a simple formula.” Well, you've got to manually do all these and I'm sure there are things I don't know about in Excel.

This is even easier in Airtable.

Now, this is not where Airtable really shines though, because this is nice having this spreadsheet on one computer, but what if I want to update this Microsoft Excel spreadsheet when I'm over here using my iPhone?

What if I want to just quickly add an entry at the end of the day without having to turn on my computer and load up this spreadsheet?

What's amazing about Airtable is that I'm able to access this on everything. I can get to this on my iPad, on my iPhone, on my laptop and on all three of the computers I have in here just as easily.

Now, with Excel, the problem is keeping track of the file. When I want to use the file on more than one computer, then I need to have something setup like iCloud Drive, OneDrive, or Google Drive.

All of these are good, the problem is what if I'm traveling and I just want to update my spreadsheet?

Then I've got to sign in to my iCloud Drive from somewhere. Or If I'm on my Mac and it's not connected to the Internet and I make a change on the spreadsheet here, but then it doesn't update on the iCloud Drive, then all of a sudden I've forked my spreadsheet. I've got two different copies of my spreadsheet, which is annoying when that happens.

However, this even is not the very best feature.

This is a nice feature of Airtable to do that, but what I like best about Airtable is the collaboration. This has taken my collaboration to a whole new level. I started this off with my friend Joe Paris, I'm doing some ad campaigns for him. We initially were awkwardly sending spreadsheets via email, which was quite annoying because every time he'd update something then I'd have to change the file.

Airtable really shines in collaboration.

What I'm doing now is I'm using Airtable for all my collaboration online. My friend Michel Gerard is helping me with my Steemit posts. We have a sweet system that we're able to use here to get everything done.

What I do in Airtable is I post a Steemit post title, I put my YouTube video, and then I throw a GoTranscript in here.

This is a feature that at least I don't know how to do it on Excel.

You can literally drop an attachment from a Word document, which I've put in this one or you can throw pictures in as you scroll over further. I can actually drop thumbnails in here. I can then directly make post links over here, and then I can add comments.

Here's another sweet feature, I've got different statuses that we can change following the work's progress. I've got this spreadsheet over here and you can see that there are different statuses on it.

If I turn this status over here to "Posted," this entry will actually then hide within the spreadsheet.

I will just show you real quick what it looks like on this one.

Let's just say I'll try it on this one, I hit "Posted" on here, you see that it says, "Record filtered." Now, if I change my mind I can put it back.

This allows us to keep a very simple clean interface while maintaining all of our data.

This is the most amazing thing I've seen for collaboration online since emailing and being able to do videos. With Airtable you are able to collaborate, get things done and you can use it for anything you do online whether it's blog posts, videos, ad campaigns or event management.

There are all kinds of templates in Airtable that they want to show you. If you go over here to "Templates," it will bring all these different things up like Advertising Campaigns, Launch Calendar or Project Tracker. They have a ton of different templates that are really helpful.

Once you get a nice template setup, it's extremely easy to collaborate. Instead of sharing spreadsheet files back and forth, then you just work in the same interface and everything saves instantly.

If you're thinking, "Oh man, this is so good, this must cost a fortune."

That's the best part. I've not spent a dollar on this yet.

I'm using this for free to collaborate with three different people online.

My friend Albert is working on these "Upvotable" posts that we're doing with Steemit. I'm collaborating with Albert to be my right-hand man on Steemit.

I'm doing ad campaigns with Joe Parys.

Then you can see my collaboration with Michel Gerard who uses videos like this one on this post with a transcription I get done through GoTranscript, then he edits it and takes screenshots, and gets them ready for a Steemit post.

I'm collaborating with three different people on three different projects all effortlessly in the same interface.

Then, I put my YouTube videos up, I've been using this to make the descriptions. I've even got a nice filter I can apply right here. You can see all these videos I've already done.

It's nice because if something were to happen to my YouTube videos, I'd really hate to lose all of this work with the descriptions. I write these long descriptions with an incredible amount of detail.

I've got an automatic character counting tool here so I know not to go over. Then, I've got all the videos linked right here as well.

Along with collaborating, I've got everything in one interface.

Then I can just use a filter in here. I can put the filter to "is empty" and I can actually hide all those old video descriptions that I don't need any more, so I can just put the newest descriptions.

I've got my key business tasks all in Airtable now, which means I can access them easily on any device. I'm finally saving some energy doing this because in Excel it just would have been too annoying to do it. It's so easy to set these things up in Airtable. I now have this one simple interface and it’s got all these critical tasks for me in a very small place.

I've got all my data Steem records in here. I've got these posts I've made, my rewards, my investments. I've got all these key things about Steemit in this one place.

I'm very grateful that my friend Jordan Arsenault invited me to Airtable.

I still haven't paid anything using it in a couple of months now. The price is one of the very best parts about Airtable because all the things I've shown you are available totally for free.

Nothing I'm doing so far is paid.

You see, you get unlimited bases.

So what is a base?

A base is each of these different tabs here. I've got the tab with Michel Gerard that's one base. Then the YouTube videos, that's another base over here. Therefore, I can make as many of these bases as I want to.

I can have up to 1,200 records per base, which at the rate I'm going, it's going to be hit reasonably soon.

I can also have two gigabytes of attachments per base. I've got these thumbnails over here on the base with Michel and that counts for my attachment space on this base. So that's just per individual base and I'm probably going to start hitting that soon.

Then you can have two weeks of "Revision and snapshot history."

That means for the last two weeks, if I go mess something up, I can go back to check and say, "Oops, I didn't mean to delete that or I didn't mean to edit that this way."

You've got two weeks of revision and snapshot history then. I haven’t even had to upgrade and a lot of users may not even need to upgrade for a year or more using Airtable, because if you're not putting that much data into it, there's no reason to upgrade.

Now, the awesome thing is that you can upgrade to just $10 a month with the annual plan, which this is probably the next upgrade I'm going to do. It expands to 5,000 records per base and it gives you another 2 1/2 times the attachment space, so 5 gigabytes of attachments per base, and 6 months of revision history.

$10 a month is an outstanding value. If you chose the monthly plan, it's actually $12 a month.

On the Pro account here then you can get 50,000 records per base, I’ll probably need to upgrade to this in a year or so, and then you even get priority support, custom-branded forms, and more colors and styling options.

This is an incredibly cheap tool and incredibly effective, which is why I've taken the time to share it with you today because this is one of the tools that helps me out the most online.

If you would like to join Airtable, would you please use my link because I get a discount on my bill. Right now I'm grateful I’ve got already about $100 in credit, meaning I have about a year's worth of billing.

Now, the one downside on Airtable is that every single collaborator I work with costs me more money. That means, for Michel, Joe Paris and Albert, that's another $10 plus me. I'm then looking at $48 a month for the minimum plan by collaborating with different people.

I would hope that they would get their Airtable account upgraded for free. This means if you are doing collaboration, it can be a bit more expensive. However, if you're collaborating you're also likely getting a lot more value out of it.

Would you please use my link because that will help me lower my bill and it won't cost you anything:

It helps Airtable to recognize that you found out about this through me. I used my friend Jordan Arsenault's link to join Airtable, so he's got a credit for me joining. If you’d like to just use a shorter affiliate link, I have

Then on my resources page on my website, I've got listed links to all the other stuff I use in my business. You don't have to hunt down the list of all the things that you need to use in your business online or the most valuable tools that are working for me, you can just see a list of all of them very quickly.

I got this video transcribed by GoTranscript and Michel at @gmichelbkk used our Airtable collaboration here to get this turned into a Steemit post that you are reading right now, because you might prefer to read instead of watching something like this.

I know that sometimes I'm just in the mood to read something instead of watching a video. If you’d prefer to have the option to read and see future posts, would you please follow me on Steemit?

Steemit is a social media network where you actually get paid for what you contribute to the website instead of making something that goes viral and getting nothing but likes for it.

If you make something that goes viral on Steemit as I've made a few things that have gone viral, you can earn thousands of dollars on one single post. That’s why Steemit is incredible. That's why I'm working with Michel to transcribe these video tutorials and get them over onto Steemit.

Thank you, I hope you have an awesome day and I hope to see you again soon.

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Hi Jerry, this is the best way I know how to reach you. I was searching your youtube channel for a tutorial video on how to buy Bitcoin on coinbase and send it to another address, could not find one with only this information. I need this for Coinbase and Gemini, I can do it myself, but your teaching skills are much better. I would like to pay you for creating 2 tutorial videos, one for coinbase and one for Gemini exchange. You can contact me [email protected] with your fee... Craig

I would love to watch these!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Craig thank you for helping me understand what would be useful for you! Would me uploading the videos to my channel showing these tutorials provide what you would like or would you like to use them for your own channel?

jerry you are great men . and craig-grant sir jerry make video for us to learn its not about paying money or any thing

hmm it seems good btw

Always glad to find out about new tools for my online activities. Thanks...

i hate excel, so thanks to give me another opportunity ;)

If it is better we are going to be happy :)

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I am Cornholio! You will co-operate with my bunghole!

With the revision history thing, does that mean that you only have 2 weeks to go back and make changes to something? Or does that mean that you can look at the last two weeks of revisions that you have made?
Anyhow, this would be fantastic for my work, I am going to let my boss know about it! Thank you for sharing.

@shelbymonster it means we can see all the changes we made for the last two weeks! Changes can be made any time!

Hi jerrybanfield,
Thanks for the great content

You've jnocked this out of the park as always. I've been fortunate to be able to download and use Microsoft Office really cheap, like $15 I believe, because of who I work for and it's called the work at home plan or something like that. This topic was a great idea and I'd enjoy seeing more similar to this. Thanks Jerry

Feel free to convert prices to USD, its RON to USD, the one thats 46.69 and it's not working on tablets. Tryed it long ago. and for 46.69 thats ~11$ its 1month subscription.


You're welcome Glen thank you for commenting here!

good spreadsheet time :)

Nice. thanks for sharing

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Interesting alternative. I've never really liked excel personally, so I might give Airtable a go!

I love it and do everything with it today! It is even replacing a lot of the functionality of Evernote for me!

I've been looking for an Excel alternative since highscool. I want something that works good on my Tablet and I think Airtable is the one. The fact that there's a free version and the Plus plan is 10$/month it still makes it cheaper then Excel for tablet.

Thank you @jerrybanfield.

You're welcome I have still not paid to use it in months and I love that is works on every device from iPhone to iPad to any computer. The one big downside is the need to always be connected to the internet!

I had 6 months free of Excel on my tablet as a gift when I bought it, everything was ok, in my mind I thought that once my 6 months expire they'll make me pay 40-50$ for 12 months, but for another 6 months they made me pay 115$ and 12 months the price was ~190$ if I remember corectly. I uninstalled it after paying another 6 months, and struggled with notepad almost 1 year, now that I found your post gonna use Airtable which is 120$ if I buy the Plus plan, and by the way it looks I think I can easily acces my content from Mobile too.

Thanks @jerrybanfield for sharing these amazing features on airtable, was very helpful!

wow, you are o busy working all of the time, Jerry. this is fantastic, but it might cost to much when you have a lot of people you work with, maybe not, I need to do more research on it.

Microsoft Excel competition is on are you ready?

Lol why not use Google Sheets? It's free and you can do collaborations.

Cool, I'll try it out. @gmichelbkk nice job on the transcription, wow I never knew @jerrybanfield is witness.

I'll vote you now

Looks good!

Thanks a lot! This program might be very helpful in my office for the company I work for. We use Excell for a lot of things but Airtable seems to be ahead of the game. I will try it out soon

A worthy competitor indeed, will check it out but will still remain with Microsoft excel-thanks and upped , always.
In addition to my last comment, feel free to join the conversation in my new post about future of will motivate you more about steem . More success to you.

Seriously sir, why are you always look fine? 😍 i just can't help to notice...but this article is very informative and fun. 😊

Thank you for sharing boss

I teach EXCEL at a Florida state college, and I like it very much. But I also give students exercises in GOOGLE SHEETS, which I use all the time. I love the real-time collaboration with Google Sheets, and the pivot tables are getting better and easier too. And of course, Google Sheets is free. Also LOVE LOVE LOVE Google FORMS which automatically create a Google Sheet to store data.

I will definitely check out AIRTABLE through your link as I am always interested in something new I can show my students, especially if it is FREE. It looks cool and fun.

BTW, minutes ago, I completed your INTRO TO CRYPTOCURRENCY course I bought through Slashdot and signed up for STEEM yesterday. This is my first response as I received authorization for my STEEM account today. When I finished the course a few minutes ago, I also went to your YOUTUBE channel and really enjoyed your video "What Do I Do Everyday," particularly because I am a friend of Bill W's too.

I love your enthusiasm and joyful outlook on life. It is obvious that you love what you do. I hope you and your family stay safe and well during Hurricane Irma. Thank you, Jerry!

Nice thanx for sharing vote resteem

Very hot post

I always struggling with my maths skill and Excel is not made for me Tables, Formulas and again maths. I should go with Airtable to easy my life. I hope, i will get some time for Thai massage as well.

@jerrybanfield, thanks for sharing this great information. It has been really helpful. I like the transcription, too. You are an inspirational person, and even though I can't picture myself doing everything you do I gain a lot from your videos and articles. Most of all, I appreciate that you are just your honest self, and not afraid to be that way even when you are talking about your mistakes. Actually, the first video I ever saw of yours was one where you were explaining what mistakes you made with your Bitcoin at first. Keep on being your genuine self, bro! Cheers!

You are right the excel formula stuff is somehow complicated
Will try these airtable
Thanks for sharing

It is very time saving application. It makes life easy for all the accountants.

Great instruction @jerrybanfield ! I will definately try this! Thank you!

It seems like better than google sheet! Very useful article and video! Thanks for sharing with us! Really appreciate your effort!

(My voting power is still regenerating, therefore please allow me four more days to provide 100% upvotes for your posts)


Thank you for sharing

Good alternative. I am going to look into it more.

Great alternative.

Nice! Thanks a lot for this... I'd been looking for a good alternative to excel and this looks like a good deal! You got my vote plus a RESTEEM :]

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Very good @jerrybanfield. . I like your post and follow nex pos

I use LibreOffice as my spreadsheet - very similar to Microsoft office and free :) I had to let MySofty die off when I could not get their software to load in 2016. I feel well-rid of them now.

But I also use Airtable for keeping track of urls in many categories - esp affiliate links. It's so easy to use them once I have them in there. I know I'm missing a lot of Airtable functionality, so I bookmarked this post to plow through later. Also - resteemed, upvoted and promoted on Twitter :)

Thanks again for all your help to the minnows, Jerry!

Google sheets is sufficient for me and they are FREE at all

I think your airtable is fit for my office job. Instead of sending excel file using e-mail from Germany to China, back and fort. I would suggest to use airtable instead. But that would be for approval with the IT dept.

I will try this new one

Wow, looks like Microsoft Excel will face a great competition now....

I usually use google sheets instead of excel. I would love to try airtable but not sure if I'm willing to pay for it when I get google sheets for free.

sounds cool. I've been using Excel to keep track of all my posts although I've learned to extract them through steemsql

Much ty for very usable information .

I like how you explain excel, because I'm very bad with that program ... I hope it helps me. Thank

Thanks for teaching me something new! I never had heard of Airtable!

Airtable looks great! This alternative is very interesting, I will try it too

Airtable...heard of it but never tried...will surely do really moved a step further making life easier..good post..upd

Great post Jerry, hey guys can u please help me get to 100 followers it would be greatly appreciated!

EXCELlent review

Love new tools.. thank you .. :)

Looks like a good tool to use instead of excel

Seems like a great tool, perhaps will try it out soon.👍
Gives excel pros less to do from your description.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Awesome totorial bud, great post! Will definatly be easier to understand and use Excel, found it very difficult when I met with it for the first time. Thanks a lot for sharing! Steem ON :)

amigo #resteemia at your service

'airtable' the best alternative. 1st time heard about it. i'll check it. nice sharing @jerrybanfield

'UpVote ReSteem Comment'

Thanks for sharing

Every-time there's a post by jerrybanfield, its quite intriguing and informative .

Good to get a new alternative

nice post. .

Well for now Microsoft excel remained my best until I'm able to try Airtable, thanks for such clear analysis.

No big words. Just use google docs.

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Interesting post, I really like this kind of postings.
I will always wait for something new from you. thank you

Wow..u are super organized. Thank you for showing us airtable,I had never heard of it before. I guess you learn something new everyday :) Those are some good features on airtable,I will start using it too

@jerrybanfield - More of a "make pretty pictures for a living" kind of girl lol... but I do have the need for spreadsheets from time to time, so will take a gander :)

Waiting for nonsense criticism from @berniesanders? jajajaja

thanks for the information. You are very genius. this is a post that contains enough information for me personally. thanks again for sharing together.

Thanks for sharing Jerry.

Yayy, I don't like exel! So finally there is an option which should be a good one, Thanks for sharing your experience @jerrybanfield. I'll have to check this one thoroughly.

Very good @jerrybanfield.

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Cool, i've never seen Airtable put it seems pretty nice. I'll probably just stick with Excel because it fits my limited needs. "Sum" is my go to icon, I consider Sigma advanced Excel ! (-:

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Thanks jerry sir i already use hotmail online office but this is good alternative i like it . thanks for sharing this information

Thanks for the demo Gerry. Its great to see new online applications being put through there paces! Costs can add up for a single collaborator working with other personal do.

one nice one is also Smartsheets and works very nice as well on spreadsheets

I do follow you although you don't need it. Congratulations on your lengthy posts and it's interesting to see someone make a career out of social media. Steemit is a community and you are very much part of that. You have a responsibility and may it always weigh lightly on your shoulders.

it´s so cool

Still I prefer Excel

Good post with lots of practical examples. To the best of my knowledge, Airtable also provides a free plan and offers an Android app on Google Play. I think that these options a well worth checking for individuals looking cost effective alternatives. Thanks.

I will be loyal with microsoft excel.