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RE: Will The Concept of Jobs Be Obsolete In The Future?

in #technology7 years ago

This is really true,the world is moving at a very fast rate which we cannot stop.

The old way of doing things no longer works in the 21st century.
It is absurd we have many people who still believe in the old way of

Study hard,get a degree and get a job!

Things have shifted at a way we cannot imagine.
The emergence of A.I has and will make the already few jobs obsolete.

As you suggested of some countries adopting a Universal Basic Income,this will not even help.
People need to adjust and find new ways of working.

At the moment Steemit is a blessing and more people should embrace it.

For the first time ever people can utilize a greater percentage of their minds probably more than 30% of brain power because of Steemit.

Let us continue mining Steemit with our minds and discover the hidden potential we have in us.

Steemit is the future.


Yeah, believe it or not, the "Study hard,get a degree and get a job!" is still the go to status quo among humans today!

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