Interesting view on the future of Africa

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According to Arthur Goldstuck, a journalist and commentator specialising in media analysis for the ICT sector as well as Internet and mobile communications, Africa will have the youngest population in the world.

In addition to this Africa will also deal with the second largest population from a continental point of view.

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“Africa is poised to become the bread basket of the world, and African innovators and entrepreneurs have a good understanding of the bottom of the pyramid consumer,” Goldstuck said.

You can view this very interesting article here

Possible solutions that could drive an energy revolution on the continent.

Africa, is very active in the mobile sphere. Africans does not necessarily have access to computers, but one thing that you can bank on is that most African's will have a smart mobile phone, if not more than one. The mobile revolution in Africa, which as a result of affordable and more reliable cellular phone company networks, which became opposition to the more expensive government owned fixed line networks, allowed most people in Africa to own a smart phone.

Hundreds of millions are now connected. This is a massive leap for the whole world, as we now have access to many more entrepreneurs. One thing that is used more in Africa as the rest of the world is Mobile banking and then you also have electronic payments like m-pesa and bitpesa.

As a result we can look at some interesting new business models and ideas.

I found a very interesting article on this which was published back in March 2017

Accessible and affordable financing for solar power:

Africa is known for its mobile payment innovations, and innovative companies like M KOPA have built on this to bring solar power to hundreds of thousands of homes without power in East Africa, through pioneering financing models.
The customers pay a small deposit and then pay off the rest of the kit over a year in 360 daily instalments using mobile money transfers.
The daily payment model substantially increased accessibility and affordability.
The box kit consists of a solar panel, multi-device charger, lights, radio and a pay-as-you-go SIM card.
This model has brought electricity to over 400 000 homes.

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There is a massive influx of investors looking for opportunity in Africa. Africa is one of the few untapped markets in the world. The problem is however that the business rules in Africa, is much different than in the development world. Many first world country companies have tried to crack the nut in Africa, but did not succeed.

Like they say Africa is a tough country

I believe that you should get specialist consultants who understand the markets, the culture and the way of doing business.
It is not an easy environment to do business. To top it all each African country have different laws, tax systems, and many other things. You will not necessarily be successful in a country like Uganda, even if you are already successful in the neighbouring Kenya as there is different ways of doing business in each country.

There is however great potential If we can combine the technology spoken about above with the likes of blockchain and crypto currency as you will have a winning solution in Africa. But just like the rest of the world, regulatory structures will be formed to govern.

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If Africa can get its shit together, with the natural resource and human capital it has its disposal, it can become a force to be reckoned with.

However it needs a concerted coordinated effort with the greater good in mind. Easier said than done.


The main problem in Africa is that the war and the corrupted government seems to undermine efforts to develop the continent. I have great hopes for Steemit to change the political and economical climate! Steem on everyone.

I view Africa as a sleeping giant. When this country is ready to wake - they will help lead humanity into a great source of renewable energy and technological advancements. The power of the internet and the blockchain might be the force that triggers all of this to happen.

Innovation is the future of Africa

I hope that US and Europe will not fuck this up. Africa has potential


Lol thanks for the comment @gaitan


@jacor very interesting post, especially for me as I am a South African. Any suggestions as to how to go about introducing the blockchain and cryptocurrency to the South African authorities?


you might be right to some extent but look at the population in Asia, specially in China, India and Pakistan alone, these countries have the most youngest people in their total population and if they can invest on those people and make them productive then Asia can also rise like Africa in the near future @jacor


heh. fine point. cia more specifically tho. I never voted for the shit these ass-bag bankers do. same thing everywhere. the masses are robbed of power. crypto is potential solution.




you are completely right

maybe governance on blockchain would aid transparency, and reduce corruption, spuring surge in growth and participation.


I had a similar thought. As most African countries are flooded with corruption is hard to see some significant grow and change ahead but blockchain could definetely offer another possibilities to transform the continent.

good sharing @jacor..!
good information and very interesting to read, very useful and add insight, it is great potential for africa people, happy to visit your blog, because the post is good.
I have some new post, can cool the eyes, can calm the mind, environment and as an insight enhancer. go to my blog, criticism, suggestions and support is the first step to my success.. thank you very much dear friend, i hope a nice your day..😇

Yes, mobile technology has had a profound impact on Africa and its people. Many lives have been transformed because of mobile phones and even moreso with smart phones.

For sure African countries have a lot of potential to be further developed. There are plenty of great people there but they literally dont have the opportunity to demonstrate their talent. Some resources are cheap there and there is plenty of land. If the politics become more stable, the global tech growth must be even faster.


This is very true @tobiancheung, thanks for the comment

I actually agree with you @jacor and @tobiancheung, there are lot of potentials to explore in africa. Nice one.

hmm I believe its a bit more complicated than that. In one hand you have the chinese buying land and taking resources, on the other, technology is not designed and produced there, which implies big manufacturers are very happy to sell their technology there, but never allowing them to opose as competition. Like in many other regions of the world, potential investors are not expecting to reinvest on Africa, they are expecting to get their profits out of there as soon as possible, leaving the young people there as poor as they met them.
Thanks for the post.

Africa problem is the government.
So painful and hurting.

Africans are very hard worker and talented people ... The future of Africa is very bright...

Nice post, am from Nairobi,Kenya. Its true Africa has the biggest young population in the world. In Kenya we have Mpesa a mobile money transfer system that has transformed the way we send and receive money. That solar Mkopa is also changing lives bringing solar power getting many connected to the internet. In a few years Africa will be the best place to live :)


Africa's biggest problem is mismanagement, particularly by people in positions of power. But I'm glad that cryptocurrency will decentralize many things over the next few years and that power will fall right back to the majority.

@imwatsi ~ I write poems

This post is indeed very valuable, thanks a lot

The problem with Africa is their corrupted leaders: they go to the extreme to pocket any money that should be invested in their countries.
Thats a damn shame, because Africa has the greatest potential among-st all the continents in the world.
We just need to get rid of the corrupted leaders who sell their own people and country for some pocket change. And let this continent reach its maximum potential.


Thats the challenge we have in Africa. With good leaders Africa will be number one. We all have the resources we ever need. From oil in Libya, Egypt , Algeria, Angola, Nigeria. Agricultural land in the west, east n south. Diamonds,gold, platinum in Botswana, SA, Congo,Sierra Leone. The educated human resource. We are damn rich

Great post. Africa does have potential; It's really important for countries like Nigeria (my home country) to facilitate that potential. African governments could be doing more to encourage the innovative minds of Africa. Hopefully that will change in the near future.

Thank you for sharing :)

Interesting post! Informative! Going to read now your blog! Thank you for telling people about new technologies in Africa. You need to grow your business. The potential in Africa is huge.

and what a wonderful nature in Africa - a sight for sore eyes!


Nothing better. Nothing!

Wow dident know that Millions of African People mainly young Folks
use mobile devices and electronic payments on the internet
Thank you very much for this post giving deeper insight of the
new African youth culture !

Steem On Resteemd Upvt Cheers Bro

Part of their potential comes from all the issues they have. Their resistance to a hard environment is high and they will be able to use it when concurring with people from other parts of the world who did not faced so many issues in their life and businesses. I believe they should be encouraged to develop as is not in our world benefit to keep entire populations behind only to consolidate the current fortune distribution.

Africa in the future will be better place than now. Take my word! Cheers!

We live in South Africa, and I think this is a brilliant post as we have to extend this platform to as far as possible in Africa as well investments to help further.


Hi there @bigbear, nice to meet you here too. Just saying hi!

The current, foreign military enforced global finance apparatus handsomely rewards trans-national corporations and African leaders that permit the accelerated scramble for African resources of every kind at the expense of African life on the continent. While awaiting any African nation opposed to this financial arrangement, an international consensus that virtually guarantees their destabilization by sanctions and/or military interventions. The rise of a multi-polar world can unleash Africa's great potential.

I followed you! very interesting article about africa! would be great if you can follow me back!

There has always been potential but it never materialize. They need to first appreciate each other and then start supporting each other. When I start seeing increase exchange of good and services across borders and willingness to help, then I would start taking the progress train seriously. For now it seem all sweet talk.

Interesting post. Before one has to worry about corruption and inept governments one first has to work out how to deal with tribalism. In my Welcome Steemians series I find that there are more and more Africans joining. @TJ4real is a real evangelist for Steemit.

Nice post, thus steem and steemit will be available to most Africans, specially when the mobile app's are available. This can help a lot to get steem accepted as legitimate currency in Africa.


There is an app already isn't there?

Very interesting article!

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I was amazed at the progress on ICT related projects in Rwanda! Very impressive projects mostly focussed on mobile technology!

Following you @jacor, thanks for this perspective on Africa. Yes, I believe it too, blockchain can disrupt the boundaries to cross-border entrepreneurship. The is currently a huge opportunity in Angola, as you know, it's hardly possible to get USD in Angola, companies pay in local currency that other countries don't even accept as Forex. I noticed a booming BTC industury developing in Angola, also cryptomining. The effects are that regional policies can soon go and get fucked...

Thanks appreciate a lot

Awesome, As an South African, I cannot wait for more mainstream understanding of our culture and skills and what this nation can add to the crypto landscape.