Gm'S Cruise Pursuing Permit To Test Its Custom-Built 'Origin' Robotaxi In San Francisco - [2022-11-30 419Grw]

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Bret Taylor steps down as co-chair and CEO of Salesforce: Ron Miller

In a stunning announcement, Salesforce co-CEO Bret Taylor announced he was stepping down and leaving the company today.

YouTube acknowledges its iOS app is crashing, says it's working on a fix: Lauren Forristal

YouTube’s mobile app on iOS devices is currently down for users. The company is aware of the crash and is working on fixing it.

9 suitcase-friendly gifts for frequent flyers: Brian Heater

Looking for something for the frequent traveler in your life? Here are eight picks for all kinds of different budgets.

Proptech in Review: 3 investors explain why they're bullish on tech that makes buildings greener: Tim De Chant

3 proptech investors explain how reducing emissions can trim a building’s carbon footprint and offer new opportunities for returns.

StartupOS launches what it hopes will be the operating system for early-stage startups: Haje Jan Kamps

StartupOS today launched a platform to bring some sanity to it all in a bid to help founders stay on track.

Apple's iOS 16.1.2 update just dropped with security fixes and crash detection improvements: Amanda Silberling

Apple also said that the patch fixes a security issue, but did not offer further details on the nature of the problem.

Bumble rolls out a new message-before-match feature ‘Compliments’: Lauren Forristal

Today, Bumble launched a message-before-match feature, “Compliments,” allowing users to send a note before they decide to connect.

GM's Cruise pursuing permit to test its custom-built 'Origin' robotaxi in San Francisco: Kirsten Korosec

Cruise, GM's self-driving subsidiary, has started the regulatory process to test its 'Origin' robotaxi on public roads in San Francisco.

Frequent conflict is a new requirement for startup leaders: Natasha Mascarenhas

Leadership coach Karla Monterroso talks about layoffs, conflict and management amid a downturn.

T-minus 72 hours left to save on passes to TC Sessions: Space: Lauren Simonds

Just three left to buy a pass to TC Sessions: Space for $199. Don't space out on serious savings!

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