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"Adopting the best that has been done before us, learning from the mistakes of others, we create the most efficient, safe and reliable transport system of all that ever existed."

Speed: up to 500 km/h
Performance: more than 500,000 passengers/day Max. gradient: 20%

Speed: up to 150 km/h
Performance: more than 25,000 passengers/hour Max. gradient: 45%

Speed: up to 150 km/h (suspended), up to 500 km/h (mounted)
Performance: more than 200 mln tons/year Maximum gradient: 60%

  • RSW Systems company with Sky Way breakthrough technology will fill out 1/3 of the global transport market. And this is only the most modest forecasts of economists. The value of shares will skyrocket.

You might object ... But do not jump to conclusions, just watch and listen to what the renown in the business world people say about Sky Way technology and the prospects of the RSW Systems company.

Advice: read again and think about these parameters, the jobs that can be created worldwide longterm, the passenger and cargo volume needed in the very short future to be moved, then look out the window and see where we are now.

Finally think about the environment benefits for future generations.
Now you know why you cannot wait anymore and get involved.

By the way: you'll earn big, very big. Good luck!

Source: "rsw-systems"

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