A Future So Bright, You Gotta Wear Shades, Or Not.

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Most People Don't Even Realize What's Coming.


The fourth industrial revolution is upon us, and how do you think you will fare? You got what it takes to survive the onslaught of 5G? Hope you are in good health, you are going to need it.

The 5G Grid and The Internet of Things is a disaster in the making.

This will be big brother on steroids. Imagine everything from water sprinklers, to prescription bottles keeping tabs on you at all times, hell even your smart fridge will have an opinion on your every move.

I do not remember being asked if I wanted 5G, or the IOT do you? Watch this video, it is an interesting look into humanity's future. Many topics and points of view that need discussion. The way things are going now, the future isn't looking so bright after all.

Wake up and smell the java.

Eyes Front People! :-)

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Come to the mountains - live the classic life!

It is a balance - I have to get on a plane to reach a walmart. But sometimes I have to take a bus for 6 hours to find a machine part or a best price.


Hiya @ecoinstant Yep, already there my friend. Way up in the Mountains in PA, our idea of traffic is 2-3 cars, and pack a bag for your trip to Wally World ;-) and the tech here is about 20 yrs behind the times. But we do have cable LOL.

Have a good night. :-)


Very nice! Fellow mountaineer! It sure does have its charm c:


Indeed it does! No traffic cams, no eyes in the skies and lots of green trees and open spaces. Heck even our four traffic lights are from the 60's LOL.


Thats wonderful!

The put stop signs in our town about a decade back but no one knew how to use them and so they caused more accidents - they quickly took them down and we are still today under the 'open interpretation' right-of-way!

Scary stuff!
Flowing Pure Intentions to all of this and all AI and revoking all evil being programmed into AI.

May people wake up to what is going on now and stop this!


Right :-) If we can get people to stop doing this:

And get them to do this:

We might just get somewhere. :-)

Thanks for the Pure & Positive Flow, very much appreciated. My Gratitude to You my friend.


1st image is so scarily true! 2nd one adds much needed humour! :)
You're welcome, when I'm hearing about stuff like this then flowing Pure and revoking it all stops me from sinking into hopelessness over how crazy life is now.
Everyone needs to spend more time in nature and less time with technology!! (Says she writing this on a laptop, but I've been out for 2 walks today as it was so shining and appealing outside! :)

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