US Government Warns Against Huawei SmartPhones!

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Six U.S. Intelligence Agencies Warn Against Using Huawei Phones.

I have been a happy Huawei customer for the last three years. It just makes sense being able to buy a phone that has capabilities of much more expensive phone (iPhone) at half the price. Currently I have a P10 and my wife @AnaHilarski has a P9 Plus. The phones operate just as we would like.

Now we all know that certain companies and governments will spread FUD in order to keep their market share. Here in Panama Huawei has quickly become one of the favorite phone manufacturers. Every person in our family has one! Now imagine for a second if Americans had the same opportunity. Sure Apple users probably won't shift to Huawei but your Samsung users probably will once they see that an equivalent phone is 30% cheaper.

I love free market economics but governments love to stand in the way of it. In my humble opinion I believe the USA is personally trying to slow the growth of Huawei in that country. It has nothing to do with spying and everything to do with protecting Apple and maybe even Samsung.

Now About Security and Privacy.

In a few months TIGO CTM will begin manufacturing super secure computers and later mobile phones. If people and governments are worried about security they should support companies like TIGO CTM.

I know I will own a TIGO CTM phone as soon as they are available.


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Nowadays all smartphones tend to look alike.
Thanks to Samsung and Iphone, all other companies are keeping up with their quality.
I like Oneplus models.
I am not an android user but soon I have to check them out cause crypto tends to go android way.
Keep on steemin'

I use a Huawei smartphone and really like it, but I was doing some network analysis with it with a friend of mine who works in penetration testing and found an odd signal from it when it connects to a machine via USB. It sends some packets of information over http to I think one of Huawei's servers which I have not looked any further into, upon reading this I may do just that later on in the week to find out more about this data and the server it pings, and why it would do so over http and not https. It was a bit concerning anyway, just plugging in to charge doesn't really warrant any internet data connections.


Please let me know if you find anything.


Will do, it might make a good blog post! :D


Obviously they are trying to slow down a better product which is less expensive than what's popular.


Or you know ... not that. Apple gives no fucks about competition - they sell a style and status symbol. The Government could not possibly give fewer fucks about who wins out in what, and just publishes the information they bump into. Want proof of that one? Check out, and search for any of the things you think they've covered or hidden. You'll find nicely formatted papers with details. It's the media that affects these things.

Yeah sure! I once used an huawei phone and I mist say the specs and features are amazing.

But then, each country has "terms of agreement" for business.

There are other non-American cell phone companies thriving in America, so how about we do a background check as to what would have caused a ban or restriction of their products.

Thanks for sharing @hilarski.

BTW, happy Valentine's day.


Huawei is really wonderful smart phone and used very excellent. Its good product and nice marketing in #asia countries.
Moreover, thanks for update nice steeming and good article.

I use Xiaomi and I have no complaints, for my spectacular phones. I used Samsung and it's crap, it's useless. I want my TIGO CTM laptop.


Coming soon!

It cannot be a conspiracy against Huawei. Intelligence agencies don't have stakes or shares in smartphones making companies. They do really have stakes in national security.


So you think the US government does not interfere with free market business?


It's just a humble opinion. The government may interfere in free market business and they have strong reasons to do so. But in my opinion Intelligence agencies have more worthy work to do than interfering in free market.

Huawei SmartPhones is vary nice phone.and many people use this.

Thanks for the information
Yes Huawei phone specifications
Smartphones are low priced

We in America do have the same opportunity. Those who buy expensive phones do it because of the expense itself, much like an overpriced suit or car. The United States functions on two basic principles, "I'm Better than you, so obey" - Elitism, and "I'm Bigger than you, so obey" or Terrorism.

So when you look at the US, and start a sentence that might be referring to a rational society ... just remember that we spend 30x as much as the next country down the list on Military "defense", and do not provide any kind of healthcare or dental care to our people without a cost much higher than most people's wages ever go.

The top wants to be further from the bottom. Whether that means they move up, or we move down. But the US is the single largest Terrorist country there is.

i really like Huawei thanks for shareing.

I currently own 4 huawei smartphones. I am Tech Youtuber. I review these smartphones and thus i buy them. I personally donot think that there is something to worry about in regards with Huawei smartphones.

For those who can't afford to buy Apple Iphones and samsung flagships these are best alternatives. They are not just affordable but are good in performance too.

Relevant article for me....I work for cell phone sales and repair company.

This news are worrisome, the US government is trying to protect their citizens, but what about the rest of the world? why is Europe so quiet about this topic?

I just posted about this news too, not only Huawei , but also ZTE are some of the big companies that are being "stopped" in the US trying to prevent Funded espionage. Last example is the Mate 10 Pro.

I currently have the Honor 6x and I love it. Amazon offers internationally unlocked ones for fairly cheap.

USA is always strict in these matter. They want do more all the time

i always like technology news...and post.
You just now post about technology...i read your blog.really very important and so informative..thnx for share this post with us.......

Huawei has been a very good phone with good specifications. I once used mate9. Thanks for sharing this info all the same

Seeing as my background stems from cellphone sales, I wish we carried the Huaweis in the company store I work for. Theres so much more value in one of these compared to the POS Apple.


Yup, I love my phones and the screen doesn't crack if I drop them.


Thanks for your complement ...

It has nothing to do with spying and everything to do with protecting Apple and maybe even Samsung.

Samsung isn't a US company so...

And as you said "Sure Apple users probably won't shift to Huawei." If Apple users wanted a better/cheaper phone they'd already be buying the Android phones with lower prices and better features!

It's easy to blame "government." Look what's really happening though, Corporations are lobbying to have regulations like Net Neutrality removed so they can do whatever they want.

Samsung wants to protect their American market? They call up Verizon and offer them an exclusive deal to make Huawei phones get shitty signal connecting to Verizon's towers.

very nice post.thank you

Great post and good writing.i like your post and upvoted.

Sir @hilarski your post is admirable and informative.
Stay blessed and keep it up.

great post.thanks for your information dear

Thanks for the information
Yes Huawei phone specifications
Smartphones are low priced

nice post , thanks for sharing

Sir @hilarski your post is admirable and informative.
Stay blessed and keep it up.

well many were not aware about this didn't use their smartphones so no worries

i like your phone model.and i use Huawei your post is good


I will buy anything you recommend. I use your page as a list of things that I must buy, that's how much I believe in what you say.

Frikin bastards of course they don't want us to be private! Buying one too as soon as it's out! Lemme know bro once you have yours! THanks Randy! Awesome post as always

Xiaomi elephone and cubot have very good value for money. I'm never buying again Samsung, Huawei and all that advertised crap.

Good to know. I'm a month away from an upgrade.

This was the last model phone I bought back in 2004 for a whopping $20. Have not paid one cent for any of the zombie-fying phones (regardless of their maker) simply because of the change in human behavior that has arisen from their ubiquitous use. It doesn't really matter the culture either.

The initial release of the first iphone spawned the rise of the izombie! Now most people look like this:


Muy buen contenido.. saludos tu seguidora fiel..

I would buy one from TIGO CTM. I'm in need of something with high security. I wonder when the product will be ready, have to check them out.