Features Of Responsive Design

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So, what exactly is a responsive design?

Responsive design is a way to design a site or application such that user interaction and experience are optimized to the highest.

Responsive websites are fundamentally focused on meeting the preferences of the user first before anything else.

This idea is behind responsiveness of website is quite easy to grasp.

Responsive websites are usually built in ways that allows the user the privilege to benefit from optimal viewing experiences and top notch navigation features.

Responsive websites are also optimized in such a way that they can be viewed by and useful to users over a wide range of gadgets and screen sizes, including mobiles, tablets and PCs.

Responsive websites designs more often than not adjusts the interface to display according to viewers device.

So how do you identify responsive websites you might ask? Well, here are 5 key features to help with that

Features of Responsive Web Design

1. Screen Adaptation

This is the most outstanding feature of a responsive design. the ability to resize the website interface to fit all screen sizes.

Having a website that fits all screens will boost engagement and visibility for the business the site is representing.

You can envision your site as easily working for all gadgets in such a way that it provides better user experience.

A website optimized for mobile, tablet and PC users simultaneously will be easily accessible to the target audience from different locations regardless of the device they use while on site.

More accessibility will ultimately lead to more sales.

2. Flawlessness in SEO

The sites that don't have responsive layout are basically not good for mobiles and other devices that's not a PC.

Apart from having an ugly interface on smaller devices, unresponsive websites also tend to mean 'double work' for developers and SEO personnel working on the website.

Responsive design makes it simpler for SEO's to work while constraining the weight of work.

Also, responsive designs allow for faster results from SEO.

3. Easy Maintenance and Reduced Expenses

Responsive design removes the need for website owners to build different versions of the site to cater for different screen sizes, this is a low cost approach especially for people on a shoestring budget.

Rather than having to build different versions of the website the people in charge could just build a single version with responsive attributes.

This will in the end limit the cost factor and help keep things simple.

4. More Sale and Higher Conversation

Countless number of individuals use smart phone and tablets to access websites today.

With million of users using mobile phones in recent times, mobile web surfers now represent a large area when it comes to target audiences.

In the event that you have an online business offering merchandise and ventures then responsive design can help increase engagement on your website.

5. Wide Range Of Browser Support

Responsive websites fare better with web crawlers.

Whereas web crawlers play a major role in SEO and visibility of a website.

Most mainstream web search tools like Google or Bing love responsive sites.

Google especially prioritizes mobile responsiveness as one of the ranking criteria in search results


We are presently in the information where people look for information through different mediums.

With the advancement in innovations today the entire world is coming together as one community.

Making your website responsive will open up your business to a large audience.

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This is really a cool post, if a website cannot respond to wide range of situations, it is not responsive.


That is a very true observation, thanks for stopping by bro.

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