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in technology •  4 months ago

Two days ago I posted first origami tutorial video.

The journey was not an easy one or a fast one all up it took me about two days. I am using my good camera which is a Lumix Panasonic DMC-TZ7 as I did not like the grainy quality of my phone camera.


It is at least five or six years old now, but I have taken good care of it. The trouble comes with the fact that it is barely compatible with todays technology.

I have also lost the cord that directly connects it to the computer and while it says that a hdmi cord can be used I have taken it to JB hifi and the local camera shop and had a look on ebay and nothing even comes close to looking like it will fit.

Regardless an old big SD memory card can be clicked in and that is what I have along with a memory card reader that connects via usb to my old old tablet.

Now the fun begins. Videos are automatically assigned a protected status which prevents them being copied to the SD card. A bit of hair pulling later I work out how to turn this off. My video is now on my SD card. Yay!

I go to upload on dlive and get the dreaded file extensions not supported.

Videos are saved as .mts files. This is not something that I can change on my camera.

I downloaded one scam program that promised the ability to convert my file and would even follow through if I paid them $30 a month. Program deleted and lesson learned I go back to scratching my head.

A few google searches later I see a comment thread mentioning VLC media player. I remember this as a nice easy free to use video player from around 2010 probably earlier. If anyone is going to know about old video extensions I figure that this is the program/people to go to and I wasn't wrong.

10 minutes later I have an mp4 ready to upload.

I decide to give dlive another go surely my problems were from trying to use it through my phone. An hour later me and dlive decide to part ways.

I look towards dtube.

The results can be found here:

▶️ DTube

Next up I will try to learn a little video editing :)

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Damn I forgot how different cameras were haha and different cables.
I recommend keeping an eye out for second hand cameras :)
But yeah once you learn how to use and convert everything, I'm sure it will get easier and faster ^^

I didn't know you could convert formats with vlc :o
All these formatting problems happen with something one way or another but then you learn how to deal with it for next time.
Ps. could you send me your last name for the origami giveaway, sent you a mail but I guess it's probably in spam or smth xD

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