I might be a complete nerd...

in technology •  2 months ago

So a few minutes ago I was on eBay, checking out what they had with Linux on it. I went there specifically to see if they had any pocket PC's with Linux. That's not the part that makes me a nerd... I like Linux... Okay, it makes me a bit of a nerd...

Anyways, after thinking I should probably pick up a pocket chip eventually, I decided to look for general Linux stuff, then Gentoo stuff, because I love Gentoo. Gentoo is a Linux distro for extreme nerds that hate themselves. It's based on the idea that everything is faster if you compile it...forgetting the fact that it takes you hours to compile every new version of any piece of new software or a new version. It is pretty cool because you can change all sorts of things that normally you don't even know programs are capable of doing though because the person that compiled it for your distro didn't enable it in the compile options.

The cool things I found was a cute sexy anime girl that's a Gentoo penguin girl or something...which I kind of want a sticker of for the next laptop I get and put Gentoo on, as well as a Gentoo sticker for the actual distro to put on a laptop in place of the normal stickers, like say in place of a Windows sticker, and a REALLY expensive old book. Wait...what?

"A code of Gentoo Laws Ordinations - Warren Hastings 1776 Leatherbound Book RARE" - $500 plus shipping

I have no idea what this book is, but it's big, leather bound, and has something to do with Gentoo laws or something. And I want it. This is one moment when I'm glad I'm not rich. I have no idea what this book is, but it says Gentoo, and I kind of want to get it and put it in a glass case in the center of a room just because it says Gentoo.

Thank God I have some resistance to buying shit I don't need and a short memory. I can forget about this 10 minutes from now and not buy it.

English: Old book bindings at the Merton College library.
Français : Reliures de livres anciens, à la bibliothèque du Merton College, à Oxford (Angleterre).
Photo by Tom Murphy VII 25 August 2005 CC BY-SA 3.0 (source)

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