Hear what you touch

in #technology4 years ago

While reading a book, article or newspaper when you run across a word you have not heard of, what do you do?

You start searching it on the internet or in the dictionary that breaks your rhythm and interest of reading. But soon it will become possible to find the meaning by simply touching the words you do not know.

Design Incubation Centre, School of Design & Environment at National University of Singapore are working on an innovative concept TOUCH-HEAR that will help you find the meaning simply by touching the word while you are reading. It can be used as a translator and also defines, explains major events and locations.

There is a sensor placed in the fingertip of the user. As soon as a user touches the word it sends the same to the device on the user's ear that tells the meaning of the touched word.




Source: http://www.designincubationcentre.com


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