Scientists discover the breakdown of cancer, without chemotherapy, the patient will get life

Scientists have taken a great achievement. He has found the option of chemotherapy and medicines in cancer treatment, which also damages normal cells with cancer cells during the treatment of cancer. Scientists have used successful mice on rats. Although it is a very long time to apply it to the human body, the scientists are excited by the success of experiments at the top level.
This successful experiment was conducted by a team of 11 scientists at the Cleveland Clinic, USA, which is second in the world. The team of scientists led by Dr. Yang Lee, Professor of Cancer Biology at Cleveland Clinic, had gone to Allahabad University last year and he had also organized many lectures under the Cancer Awareness Program from seven years to 14 July.
Dr. Munish of the Department of Biochemistry at Allahabad University was also a part of this team. This research has been published on behalf of Publisher Nature Spring in the prestigious Journal, Auno Jean. Dr. Munish said that cancer has become a tumor in the body due to disease.
These tumors are eliminated through chemotherapy and medicines. In this process of treatment, cancer cells also have damage to normal cells. It has a negative effect on the body. The patient also suffers severe pain. The team of scientists found in research that micro RNA i.e. terminates the MIR-21 Normal Sales. This leads to cancer cells becoming more effective.

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