The true cost of the "Prestige" IPhone X and it's useless features

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I won't waste my time and effort to tell every single apple user why they are wasting good money on apple products that are obviously overpriced and become less useful as the products advance especially the IPhoneX starting at a ridiculous price at $999 . I'm not the typical apple hater or anything but apple has Always been behind with technological especially when compared to Samsung. I guess since everyone want's to be rich and are willing to do whatever it takes, this is the path they take.

Let's see how much it costs to make an IPhone X and the IPhone XS Max

           **IPhone XS max**        **IPhone X**

Screenshot (280).png

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Why would you ever pay 3X the price when you can easily get a one plus 6 with that money!???

What down dates are you getting when you purchase the IPhone X?

.Face ID isn't great, 50-50 success rate, (NSA obtains your data)
. The battery life is trash, The Iphone 8's battery is better
.IphoneX scratches easily
.IphoneX is extremely slippery
. Augmented reality
.The Notch design ( Good luck watching movies)
.Yep! still no headphone jack

But at the end of the day, it's your money and if you feel like it's wise to take a huge chunk of of it and drop it on a new Iphone you'll end up replacing because of the new model that releases every year, then this is your product. If I were an Iphone user (Truly Samsung) I would just consider going out of my comfort zone just to find a smartphone that meats my demands and not my "Status".

Recommended Smartphone's 2019
.Samsung galaxy s9+ Plus
.One Plus 6
.Google Pixel 3
. Huawei Mate 20 pro
.LG V40 ThinQ

What other smartphone's do you think is better than the Iphone X? Write them down in the comments!

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