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The world is suffering from global warming and will continue to do so if we don’t innovate in energy generation. Scientists have developed a heat reflecting and futuristic material having the physical properties similar to a roll of plastic wrap having the capability to cool houses and power plants. The most fascinating thing about it is it doesn’t need any energy to do so. The material is very different from the solar panels that could work without sun and without additional energy or electricity. Another big thing about it is that it is made up of very cheap material that means it is really easy to mass produce in the form as required. According to Xiaobo Yin, a mechanical engineer at the University of Colorado Boulder, this low cost manufacturing can greatly transform the real world.  

What it is capable of? 

Researchers put the material to a field test and found that the material created a cool environment quantitatively equivalent to 110 Watts per metre square over 72hrs period and its value reduced to 90 when under direct sunlight. According to scientists this is the equivalent amount of energy that is produced by a single solar panel. According to Gang Tan, For a real world usage, 10 to 20 square metres of material can easily cool a single family house. 

The material is not limited to only cooling houses, it has the capability of cooling power plants that conventionally use water to maintain their temperature. The use of material can greatly improve the efficiency of instruments. We have just seen a glimpse of our future, let’s hope to see a completely different and revolutionised world.  

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