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Miyawaki reforestation method

One of the greatest challenges of this moment is to try to reforest the forests destroyed and cut down by unhealthy practices for the environment, it is necessary to emphasize that the greatest destruction of all the forest began to have its effects after the first industrial revolution. At the rate we are going if the same production model continues, we will end up with all the capacity to produce oxygen. Today we will discover a method of reforestation called Miyawaki. Join me in learning about this innovation that will be able to reforest trees around the world in record time.


Most reforestation methods are designed to grow trees on trees in a maximum of 10 years, something that even monoculture methods have not been able to achieve, the method was developed by a Japanese scientist who during the 70s confirmed that the forests in the country of the rising sun were highly flammable and grew very weakly.
The main problem is that forest industry companies plant thousands of hectares of monocultures and also conifers, yet miyawaki's method is able to get 10-year-old fast crops that can be less flammable. Mr. Miyawaki studied plant ecology and seeds alone with his fabulous method has planted an estimated 40 million trees worldwide, this has provided him with enough information to document the biological corridors and measure the environmental impact of the scope of the project.


Not everything is lost, some companies like Toyota contract the services of Mr. Miyawaki who designed a forest in different automobile assembly plants demonstrating the commitment to protect the planet, in 2006 thanks to their contributions in forestry, received blue planet prize equivalent to the Nobel Prize for the environment, are more than 40 years studying the forests around the world, its industrialized method can regenerate and maintain healthy forests.


The most surprising thing about this invention is its ability to adapt to any type of land, is self-sustainable and does not want maintenance, and is also fast growth, which makes it ideal for countries like Africa that do not have the resources for other methods that are much more expensive.


The central idea of this innovation was to be able to create a forest in any type of land and any type of climatic condition in more than 90 square meters of land, in any place such as a courtyard, or a factory, roof or even in a desert, very natural and totally different from the techniques of construction of artificial gardens imposed by landscapers and architects, under the principle of natural vegetation potential any soil is fertile where human interaction is null and trees grow leafy, a sustainable technique that allows to have forests for 1000 years, understanding that there is human interaction, because if there is minimal human interaction the forest could disappear again in less than 100 years as has happened with almost all primary forests on the planet.


To elaborate the forest the soil is usually identified, evaluating the lack of nutrients to correct by means of trees suitable for this type of land, also biomass is sought to fertilize the land instead of using pesticides or highly polluting products. The result in a few years is surprising, obtaining trees that are 100% healthy and resistant.


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