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You won't believe what these glasses are capable of

No more punctures for diabetics to know their level of glycemia in the blood is the proposal of a new invention the Google lenses, another fascinating creation of app applied to medical science, accompany me to discover this technological wonder.


The idea was developed by Google in a series of projects that are part of the platform of ideas X to the Moon, is not the first time you try something like this but if it is the first time that it works. The goal of these medium-use lenses is to monitor and measure glucose levels through a sophisticated system of sensors that through tears can determine exactly what the exact levels of sugar in the blood.


They have not yet named it as such, but the different pieces based on nanotechnology are arranged in a tiny gold edge at the edge of the lens, being less thick than that of a human hair. This means that it does not interfere with your eyesight.


Maintaining blood sugar levels prevents the development of many diseases and health complications.
As for its functioning, we can advance that when there is a variation in glucose in the body, the sensor tells you a nano display, which is included in the lens, that there is the risk, the contact lens counts LEDs, is turned off when there is the change in glucose levels.


If the project materialized it would have more applications such as LEDs that would indicate through notifications when to perform a new test or even project on a surface the values recorded.


The reality of having these fabulous lenses on the market is still a few steps away, especially while they continue to be discussed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there is also a need to share information with more experts in the field to adjust details. The idea sounds hopeful to the 400 million people who currently have diabetes.
Diabetes is one of the most aggressive diseases in the body, especially when it is not fed efficiently, and even more so when the food provided by supermarkets is increasingly far from being healthy for the body.


The main problem is not the disease but the products that are made for people to contract the disease, juices full of glucose, soft drinks, sweets, flours and fats in many products that deteriorate the body.
One of the company's intentions to get involved with a project of this magnitude is just how alarming the number of millions of people is, 400 to be exact, Google is working hand-in-hand with the International Diabetes Federation to continue to develop other technologies that will help people measure and combat this disease.


Since last year, the company has been on the wave of wanting to link up with medical, space and vehicle projects. In reality, the world has so many problems that the number of projects to repair the damage caused, especially at an environmental level, are numerous and all very promising.


Another aspect of the design that gives me a bit of fear is that technology ends up turning us into robotic beings, to my mind comes the illuminated red eye of Terminator.
Goodbye baby


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Scary to put something hard technological as this into a soft eyeball. I think technology should stay away from human organs.

It will be “funny” when scientist after 10 years discover that connectivity (bluetooth, 5G, ...) is bad for health in some way. So putting this into your body may harm you in long run.

Back to nature is my slogan of choice :-)

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