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Good day steemit, today is a new day and start of great week, also to acquire a knowledge don't you think? I think that if:), at this time I bring information about a very useful tool for editing. mkv files A special container for our movies in HD and 4k

Before continuing

As we all know, the next program of which I will talk to you has as function the edition of. mkv files. For those who do not know that is an MKV file, is a container used especially for high quality files (HD files, FHD, 4k among many more) than only computers like PS4, XBOX ONE, Smart Tv, Smartphone, Blu-ray and computers can play.

What is MKVMerge?

Before you begin you will be asked to serve and use this program called MKVMerge!

Good friends, MKVMerge is a software that comes integrated with a set of editing tools for files. MKV (hence its name) was designed to edit and modify video files that use this type of container, either 4k or inferior. Having the ability to customize audio tracks, subtitles and even change default name.


Main functions

  • Ability to edit MKV files over 20GB
  • Subtitle Editor
  • Default name change
  • Creation of MKV with multiple videos * Support for any codec (including X. 265)

MKVMerge, not only implemented in a single program, in its additional package has mkvToolnix the main tool and MKVCleaver an additional tool that works as a track extractor of the same MKV for editing.


MKV Cleaver As I said before goes hand in Toolnix, the difference between the two is that one is destined to modify files and another to extract files which are:

Video Codec
Audio Codec
Home Page

Program Interface

Example editing with MkvToolnix


In the next process I have taken into account one of my. mkv files, a 4k film of about 22GB and its subtitles


As you can see in the second image, I have already opened the program with Toolnix, opening the program will show all the files inside with their respective codec, subtitles and audio. Since this is an example I will change the default name.

The default name is not as such that you see on the outside, change the default when you open it in a player this will read the base name


In the exit section we can define the base name of the file, as you will see I put STEEMIT FIREONXAS as sample.


Should give to Iniciarmultiplexado, the process will begin, if they have done everything well is executed and when it ends reach 100%

At the end when there will be the file created, it will have the same weight-name, but when they play it either with VLC or another. mkv file player This won't show the name as such but the base. It was easy steps, but remember that the steps I made was just a part of many functions that it has.

This is all for today Steemit, MkvToolnix is tremendous tool friends, serves for when we need to cross content with own audit information or create lists of videos in a single container

Thank you for reading and supporting content:)

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This is a great platform for us :D hope you can teach me deeper about it :D


@joveanz Si traera mas contenido de este tipo, y gracias por el apoyo

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