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Hello again, steemit I hope you have had a good weekend and especially that this week will be a success for everyone. Today you will learn about the world of video codecs to know how they work and understand why a video or Audio has different extensions such as: MP3-MP4-MKV-AVI and many more that exist today.

What is it about?

You will wonder what this post will be, before entering the subject, they have to know that a codec is an algorithm that is part of the famous container formats that we commonly use when we listen to music, watch video among others.

  • you have to keep in mind that the codecs are present in the famous DVD AND BLURAY.
  • They are present in everything that has to do with audio and video: Android phones, dvd, bluray, smart TVs and satellite television equipment.

Container Format

Container format table + video and audio codec that complements them

Container .AVI
codec and audioMPG-4 compressed in Divx or Xvid and mp3 or ac3 audio

Container .MP4 and .MKV
codec and audioare high-definition codec compressed in h.264 with audios DTS, AC3, AAC

Container .mpg
codec and audioIt is the oldest codec, they were visualized in the vcd as MPG-2, also in DVD more outdated with audios in dts and ac3.

The container format friends is responsible for storing the video and audio codec to be able to play everything together in a single file, Example: an .avi file has internal = codec MPG4 Xvid + mp3 audio

Players compatible with each container

Player compatible with .mpg

A very old container, played on VCD equipment before the DVD, the videos and audio were of low quality at that time.

Player compatible with .avi

The avi is currently used, its fame is still worldwide and has not lost quality, thanks to this container DVD HD movies were introduced that, despite being in this type of container, have a quality almost like a BD.

Player compatible with .mp4 and .mkv

One of the most current and the highest ranking in high definition UHD or 4K computers, these codecs are both of high quality, but the mkv has a greater capacity and can store a considerable amount of GB in a single file, all players like Blu-ray, smart TVs, special HD TV equipment and high-end phones read this type of container.

Currently the last codec that implement the films that come in it, are H.265 most in 4K quality. An important point is that the current players are compatible with all these containers and codec (EYE, only high-tech, does not mean that a DVD player can read .MKV OR .MP4

Well, this is a small reference about containers and short codec, in fact it is not difficult for friends to understand what types of equipment work, the important thing is to have a notion of whether a computer can not play a digital film in any of these containers and codec

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Thank you for reading and supporting my content, remember I do it so that we all learn about the technological world that surrounds us.

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